Each one matters

“During my second month of nursing school, our professor gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions, until I read the last one:

“What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?” Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the cleaning woman several times. She was tall, dark-haired and in her 50s, but how would I know her name? I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank. Before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our quiz grade. “Absolutely,” said the professor. “In your careers you will meet many people. All are significant.

They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say ‘Hello’.”

I’ve never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her name was Dorothy….”

This was an article I came across on the net. What I would echo, is the fact that even the person who may hold the least “important” is actually the most important of all. Imagine an office floor cluttered with paper shreds, or if your secretary goes on emergency leave, the ward nurses take medical leave, if the babysitter doesn’t turn up on time, or if the pharmacists in the hospital go on strike, or if all the maintenance department decide to go unanimously on strike..the list is endless. Working in the wee hours of early morning, I came to the realization that everyone of us has an equally important role to play, be it of an editor, a nurse, a miner, a construction worker…… We all have something to contribute to the world. It may be a small drop but, it will all aid to form the vast ocean. Take pride in the little tasks you do, after-all no job is too big or too small. History teaches us about the tower of Babel, the pyramidsof Egypt. To quote, ” Take pride in your work at all times. Remember, respect for an umpire is created off the field as well as on. – Ford Frick “. If one rung of the ladder is out, there is a higher tendency for anyone to fall, forget about reaching the top.

Maybe not today, not tomorrow…but someday in the future, there might be a legend whose life we may have touched in some way, insignificant to us, but a turning point for them, in their life time .


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through five yrs of med school, and now taking a 2 yr break before post-grad working in mission hosp in India; 'm one of ur norm' everyday ppl. Nothing dramatic goin' on in my life, but it's not so quiet either. Just "a lot of happenings". So, hi there n Have a great day :) View all posts by ....the little thread of thoughts

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