Fettucine alfredo anyone ?!

It’s officially midnight and my stomach is driving me nuts !!!! The options were few; takeout – na don’t wanna get out and I am tired of all that chips and cookies. Where did that packet go ? I do remember getting some five of them !!! There is cheese though !! Alright, time for some midnight cooking ! Fettucine alfredo anyone ?! Or at least it’s variant.

The fastest dish for me to make, considering the fact that I permanently short of time !!! M not kidding. Does the name sound so elaborate !! We all make it on a regular basis- macaroni and cheese !!! It’s the one of the best comfort food in the world- next to coffee and chocolate.

Well, the name above may sound unfamiliar but this is how it started out. These days, macaroni is in different shapes: I personally like the coiled up one. The simply cool thing about this combo is that it can be made in a sec. Especially with the premade mac & cheese packets. For all those nutritious folks out there; make it the macroni, top it with all those veggies and low-fat cheese- voila !! Caution: don’t expect it to taste the same as the “non-nutritionally compromised” ones.

A fav’  food; it can be easily changed or blended according to our personal requirements. Experimenting with Mac and cheese is fun !! And each time, no matter what the ingredients of experimentation are, it is palatable unless the mac gets burnt. So even the amateurs or non-kitchen friendly folks don’t have to eat out every night or stick to canteen meals. The best part, it is less messy, less fussy, a quick meal and can be both elaborate and simple.

Thank god, that this little  “packaged” invention has saved us hungry souls !! So got to get that midnight snack ready now !!

P.S. This was posted post-hunger pangs !!


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