Along the boulevard

One of the boulevard scenesSometimes, all of a sudden the mood goes off and the feeling of sadness encroaches over. The realization comes over that at the end of the journey, we are essentially alone. Each to his own. Why do I say this ? Cause’ I am going to leave the first phase of medical school. I am going to enter another phase of my journey on. Most of the time I ll be alone. Along the way, I ll meet people; some who I may see after a long time or never again, some who become my acquaintances, some become friends and the others become life-keepers. But at each stop-point, I meet somebody; yet I am alone. This feeling sometimes swamps me over and the feeling of being overwhelmed begins. Yet all the while, somethings keeps on pushing you along the walk, you just move on. Maybe it is the desire to reach the end, or maybe we call it ‘life’ and just move on but we don’t stay at a single spot. The journey has to continue.

Face the fact, we all are mostly alone. We marry, have kids and raise a family, the outings with colleagues and friends; yet we have to go through the journey alone, fore go many things at a very heavy price but at the end, we move on. We stumble, we fall, we become bruised but we get up and continue the walk. We grow up; we mature. Each of us learn something from every experience. Sleepless, silent nights and restless days, they all lie in front of us. But so do some of the happy treasured moments, which pull us through these times. Broken dreams are far easier to find then broken glass!!!

If I go back to the days of “Green Day’s”- ‘ The Boulevard of Broken Dreams”; those lyrics surface every time I am forced to journey alone. Our shadows are always with us, but someone always finds us or we find them, along the way. But try standing at one place, you will loose more than what you catch !! The spirit to move on comes within. Everyone gets the feeling of uncertainty. No one will ever be immune to it. It would have been in your life at one point of time. Life allows you to fall, to stumble but never to sit back and let someone serve your platter. Celebrities, too for that matter are not immune to it.

As for the boulevards’ they are of various varieties: warm, dry, colorful, busy, dull, rainy, crowded; but at the end, you ll find your own one with your own little space. Till then, I have to move on. For matter how tire-some or irritating the journey; I will find someone on the way. As my Grand-pa used to say, “It’s a small world, after all!!!”



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through five yrs of med school, and now taking a 2 yr break before post-grad working in mission hosp in India; 'm one of ur norm' everyday ppl. Nothing dramatic goin' on in my life, but it's not so quiet either. Just "a lot of happenings". So, hi there n Have a great day :) View all posts by ....the little thread of thoughts

4 responses to “Along the boulevard

  • susi

    yes, all are alone but that feeling comes mostly due to inner self .if think in a different way let me do what i can for this moment to the fullest of my ability and leave the rest with out any expectation then automatically the thought processes take a new route. all the best

    • ....the little thread of thoughts

      very true, but even we prepare to the point, there will always be a seed of uncertainty, self doubt i think. If you have faith, it goes away but you can’t stop the thought from entering your mind. It just varies on how each person handles it. Gd luck to U too. Take care.

  • nextdr

    although we r always alone…its the way we perceive things in life that decides whether we r alone or not.Sumtimes we may be alone…but again we come across acquaintances,friends…and maybe strangers.but it depends on us whether u wanna talk or be alone…..

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