When rudeness becomes a habit..

Why am I writing this ?! I mean I deal with patients and people on a daily basis. Nothing new indeed, to be confronted by someone loud and noisy, or to have someone next to me yelling while I am using the hospital intercom or to have a conversation with my colleague or senior to be ” interrupted” in a manner, that forces us to give a reply or else be bugged relentlessly. But this little incident, which happened the other day,  holds the first spot in the ” best ten rude encounters” in my life.

The venue is the ultrasound room, wherein are seated three radiologists each in their respective year of study, ie first, second and third. I had come in with a patient with progressive hydrocephalus. As usual the file was given first, while I launched into a mini patient summary.  And what was the third year doing, giving orders to the second year while cross questioning me. Did she take the time to read the file ? Nope. Look for any previous ultrasounds ? Nope. What did she do ? Ask me when was the last scan done ?! Pretty easy to say the dates as the reports, all the previous four were in her hand!! Who did the last scan ? Voila, it was her !! No remarks to that, she had !! Her voice was so lovely that even the professor came in wondering where all the music was coming from. To top it all, her next comment to the radiology technician, ” Ask your patient to shut up!!” How more polite and charming could she get !! Rudeness has become almost a habit with her. And so it has, for most of us. Agreed, certain instances cause us to be rude, but being  perpetually rude and irritated indicates something wrong within.

The whole point is that no matter how irritating the situation might have been, you have to maintain your cool. Your reaction willEven kittens don't like rude people, says a study.... leave an impression in everyone’s mind. If rudeness is in your voice, temper down. It doesn’t take much to politely ask about the previous reports or details. Nothing is lost, when instead of hounding anyone with questions, a few minutes are spent to read what’s in your hand. And never take out your anger or frustration out on another person who has absolutely nothing to do with the issue. I know it’s easier said than done, but how would you feel if you are at the receiving end. Believe, it stings like hell. Think of it, you cut in a queue cause you are in a rush; but think of the time lost in the sequential irritative dialog that follows. Today, everyone is busy, all are in a hurry; so wait for your turn, it ll come sooner than expected. As for this situation, I am sure it’s quite common in all work places, on the road, while shopping etc. Wonder why, because it doesn’t take much to be nice and polite !! Stay mild and even voiced, all will follow. And what to do about people like her, complaints and advices are useless. The best thing : ignorance is bliss. Who wants to acquaint or re-acquaint with them anyways ?!! Not me .


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6 responses to “When rudeness becomes a habit..

  • nextdr

    ya its just dat ppl shud hav the word ‘ consideration’ in their dictionary.However busy u are….everyone is waiting in the line…so wait fr ur turn mister!!!!there some instances in life where u ask urself ‘why exactly is she being rude….why is she shouting at the top of her voice???’ ..all it takes is 2 sec to think before u explode…..

  • mainlyvoid

    Mmmm… People like that tend to get what’s coming to them. Simply, just stay out of her way, and don’t let her get to you. End of the day, why remember a shitty person like this and keep on getting irritated about them? Better yet to remember the good things that happened in the day, so you can go to sleep happy. Smile! 🙂

  • Csajozás

    Hello Dear, What you ˙have here surely have me excited up to the last word, and I hafta say to you I am not that typical man who finish the entire post of blogs because I most of the time got sick and tired of the gibberish that is presented searching google on a daily basis and just end up checking out the pics and maybe a headline, a paragraph etc. But your headline and the first few rows were so cool and it right on the spot grabbed my attention. Commending you for a job well done in here Thanks, really.

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