Reflecting through the leaves

Late yesterday, I was gazing out onto the lawn. Fall was in full mode, and as usual there was a mess for the gardeners to clean up by morning. It was the leaves that set my thoughts in motion. Have you ever seen a leaf unfurl ?! It first has to form a small teeny weeny green point on the branch and then it unfurls out through the spring and summer days. Each one has a story to tell and a world to see. Some wither and die. Some further branch out and unfurl out into different shapes and sizes. Some get diseased and die out. Others change colours with the change of season adding to the beauty around.

But each one has a story to tell. A story of rays of sunshine and early morning dew , of droplets of rain and little crawlies of nature, of nests, of various views. At the end, they all had something to contribute, either add to someone’s joy and laughter, or witness sorrows, inspire thoughts and creativity. Which is how sometimes, our lives reflect to be. Sometimes, along the road there will come a time when we have to stand alone. We have to make sacrifices, approach reality and redefine our goals so that the final target can be achieved. All this requires courage from within, the seed of self-confidence and the willingness to take risks. To not settle for anything less than the best, requires a deep sense of aim from within. We need to get out of our comfort zones and familiar faces, recognize and grab opportunities and discover our true purpose in life.

Find your inner light and let it lead you on. Don’t shy away from what you really want. For that, staying in somebody else’s shadows won’t help. We need to follow the rays of sunlight and find out our own patterns, for like every leaf we all have a special story to witness and experience in life.


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