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Sneezes and sniffles with lots and lots of tea…

Achoo!! Can’t help it! I am going through another episode of sniffles and sneezes. It started since morning with no triggers, unless the thoughts of cleaning up my room could be considered as a trigger. Since it started, as of now I have reached a record of twenty five in a row, finished an entire box of tissues and downed myself in three mugs of tea laced with honey and ginger (Help!! I am more of a coffee person). At least, I have not yet landed with a headache or fever. (And pray not, my fingers and toes are crossed!!) Hopefully it must another common cold, thanks to the change of weather. On the whole, should I crib about or be thankful for it?!! After all, I did get a break from the usual work hours ( it’s midday here) and gives me some more time with my music, my novels…and of course, with my laptop. From the looks of it, if the cold waves persist, it may snow sometime soon. Meanwhile, I have to grab another cup of tea, this time it’s laced with pepper and cardamom, before my cold gets too nasty to handle. I have to stop the writing now, because I can hear the phone ring and from the sound of it, it may be mom with another long list of homemade remedies. No choice but to pick up. Don’t want to listen to the music later!! Well here I go, with sheets of paper and pen in hand. Hope I won’t run out of ink!!!



Arrgh!!! Another Monday morning!!!

It’s is going to be a “Monday morning chaos” tomorrow and I really dread it. I don’t know what it is about Monday mornings but somehow I routinely wager a war with time and myself that morning. It is a battle of wills which involves my body screaming for more rest and my “once-in-a-while responsible gray cells” inciting me to not get late for work. Pointless order of the latter!! I think I am eternally bound to start the week on the wrong footing (unless I am on vacation!!). Initially I thought it was due to all the weekend shopping and partying that left me with the “Monday morning blues”; but it turned out to be a false alarm. No matter how early I turned in, the mornings used to still turn out be a battle with time. Oh why did weekend have to get over so early? Why, oh why?!! I am a situation, like the one last week will result in a similar situation (if not worse!!).

“Damn the alarm, I have an hour more to go!! Just five more minutes snooze”. Well, unfortunately that ends up to be half an hour “snooze”. I end getting up and landing myself grumbling in front of the mirror resembling like an alien who survived the inter-galactic war , catch a couple of “zzzz’s” and then yikes!! Only fifteen minutes to go. “Make that ten minutes, if you are lucky to beat the traffic on foot and reach your destination before the bosses arrive”, screams my hardly-ever-present responsible mind.

Only by sheer luck, I grab some outfit lying in the wardrobe, make myself presentable (if it could be said so!!)and get what-resembles-a-caffeine-shot  all in a span of five minutes. Then the last few minutes are spent on hunting around for some papers and notes that mysteriously disappear every Monday morning. Ah well!! Found it at last. Darn it!! Only four minutes to reach!! Somehow with a speed that puts my high school athletic competitor to shame (he was the state best!!), I reach. Skipped breakfast, had stepped into a muddy puddle, and forgot half the work list and the fact that it was theatre today!! Well this was last Monday morning!! I dread the one tomorrow. That eerie feeling of trouble creeps over!! Alas, there is no remedy for “Monday-itis”.My only consolation, at least I have another weekend to look forward for!!Arrgh if only, it wasn’t seven days a week!!

Alta alatis patent

Today, at work as I was rummaging through my desk, I came across a paper. Nothing important, except for the fact that it was my resolution list for this year. Well out of my hopeful ten new things to learn, I just did one thing; adventure trip which had taken place early this month. As for the rest of the ten, I think I ll be graying by the time I even think of achieving them. Ironical to say, considering the fact that resolutions are made only for those things which can be achieved. Don’t know why I never get to do the things that I really want to do ? Lack of time? Maybe. Void of enthusiasm ? Nope, I would definitely jump at the opportunity to learn ballet. It is just that most of the time, I spend working or doing work related stuff; or else I would be in the midst of my chores like laundry, grocery shopping, paying the bills…an endless list !! Frankly speaking, on seeing my list, I came to one decision; enough is enough. It’s time to stop working non-stop and do one tiny different thing daily, even if it is for a short time. Something that would enable me to spend some time to myself, learning something new or just plain relaxation. Life is too short to keep resolutions. Before my time runs out, I want to make the most of life. Going to make each day my page. Even if it means that there would be less laundry trips with a bigger load, more dusting left undone – an hour of reading ” Towers of Midnight“, or listening to ” The Fame Monster” is is by far more worth.

I want to make each day a page of experiences, of reflections, of memories…something I would like to turn through time and realize that my life was not spent not only on work,  but also some moments with and for myself. I want each page to be a story, memories to reminiscence for later. For as said by my mentor, Alta alatis patent i.e. “The sky is open to those who have wings” !!

Last days of “Scrawling” ?! Not yet !!

Squinting and imagining the loops and lines. Going crazy within the four walls, while running through the possible permutation and combinations in my gray matter. Thank goodness I need to think of only 26 characters. Believe me, after repeated ‘shots’ of caffeine and theophylline, this is not the way I want to end my days, or nights for that matter. When ever do I have the choice of that?!! Loads of paperwork to do, referral notes to decipher and here I am, at 23 00 hours still stuck on the first sheet; started the crunching an hour ago. Omg!! Is it so difficult to just write?! Whatever happened to the days of ink and graphite !!

I still can recall my initial years in school, when I had to just write and write and write, with dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s!! Why do all this, because half my grades were cut off thanks to the ‘legibility’ of my answers on paper.  True, I used to rant and rave all the
time but today somehow my ‘scrawls’ can be read. Oh it does make a difference!! Think what if ‘quill’ was actually meant to be a ‘quilt’ or when ‘failure’ was actually supposed to be ‘falter’. Even worse, are the manuscripts and prescriptions!! Somehow along the way, we have forgotten how to write.  Forget the claims of having cent per cent literacy- it’s supposed to stand for ‘read’ and ‘write’!!! Who to blame- the technology era!! Well, I don’t think we are born with a finger stuck to the keyboard.

Agreed, it is too tiring to write down in the beautiful cursive writing, but who wants all that!! Just pen down the letters- small or caps, your choice!! We still need “ legible inscription notes” for invitations, thank you notes and letters. The solution, if there is ever one- is to simply think of the fact that the other person needs to read what is penned down. That will improve the scruffy and totally ill-mannered depiction of letters. Just think of the difficulty in reading some lettering, which looks way too similar like yours.

Well, that’s all that I can rant about now, have to get back to the ‘squinting’ before dawn breaks; else I am fired. Thank goodness, numbers don’t have this problem!!!

Somethings that you can’t help…

Certain moments in life seem quite ironical. Like when we fight very frequently with our friends and yell out the “blessed” phrase, “Don’t ever want to see you again!!!”. Yet few hours later (maximum, a couple of days), the patching up is done and things are back to normal. Often wonder why I can’t simply have a perfect relationship; totally no fights or no arguments- like absolutely being able to read someone’s mind. But, what a boring life would that be !!!

Worst of all are those ties, which fade in time because we failed to keep in touch. Forgotten letters. Unattended phone calls. Missed wishes. But a day comes along when things work out and everything falls back into place. Sometimes it happens after an initiative is taken. Other times, circumstances just click and memories are created along the way just like how it used to be before. Ironical, the ties maybe unattended to but they are not broken !!!

We dream of falling in love with some Mr. Right or Miss. Perfect, but end up loving ” Mr. I’ll-be-late or Miss. Oops-I-burnt-your-dinner”!!! Or when we are best friends of a certain “Miss I-forgot-that-today-was-your-birthday” or “Mr.Sorry-could-not-make-it-to-your-bachelor-party”!! Seriously, I wonder why such relationships hold or continue. Or why on earth do I still maintain the bonds. Or why do we patch up and want things to get back to normal. Because, I guess I’m still happy in spite of all those little flip-flops and the teeny-weeny fights. That’s when I realize how blessed some relationships are. The memories that are made of those days still bring smiles and laughter. Often wonder why it happens so?!! Guess, maybe it is all that imperfection that makes us all perfectly adorable and that is when sometimes, reality becomes more sweeter than dreams!!!

Wanna borrow a jack ?!

Yet another day of mindless worry and endless speculation. Nothing new for me or my “fellow-mates”; which is what brings me to the post headlines !! Ever faced with the scene of supposition, where one speculation leads to another and yet another and yet another speculation, which ultimately becomes the so-called reality. Why the sudden need to discuss this ?! Well, as a part of my internship we have this out-reach program where two miserable souls ( like me !!! ) get assigned to centers of which one happens to be in a real rural area. Oh no don’t get me wrong, it’s not that working is a problem; it’s just that an avid blogger like me needs electricity and internet facilities once in a while and the nearest place is like an hour away!!! Well, before our posting lists could be put out, I had driven every one crazy with the “supposition” that I would end up there. Even now the memories night before is enough to warrant dagger looks from all my comrades !! Turns out I was not entirely out of luck. Thankfully, as you can read my post, I am not there.

Which is what got me to thinking that it is time indeed to borrow a jack !! Well as the story goes, Wanna borrow a jack?,

“One day I went to a lawyer friend for advice. “I’m in real trouble” I said. “My neighbors across the road are going on vacation for a month; and instead of boarding their dogs they are going to keep them locked up and a woman is coming to feed them, if she doesn’t forget. Meanwhile they’ll be lonely and bark all day and howl all night, and I won’t be able to sleep. I’ll either have to call the SPCA to haul them away or I’ll go berserk and go over there and shoot them and then when my neighbors return, they’ll go berserk and come over and shoot me.

My lawyer patted back a delicate yawn. “Let me tell you a story,” he said. “And don’t stop me if you’ve heard it because it will do you good to hear it again.”

“A fellow was speeding down a country road late at night and BANG! went a tire. He got out and looked but he had no jack.

“Then he said to himself. ‘Well, I’ll just walk to the nearest farmhouse and borrow a jack.’ He saw a light in the distance and said, ‘Well, I’m in luck; the farmer’s up. I’ll just knock on the door and say I’m in trouble, would you please lend me a jack? And he’ll say, why sure, neighbor, help yourself, but bring it back.’

“He walked on a little farther and the light went out so he said to himself, ‘Now he’s gone to bed, and he’ll be annoyed because I’m bothering him so he’ll probably want some money for his jack. And I’ll say, all right, it isn’t very neighborly but I’ll give you a quarter.

And he’ll say, do you think you can get me out of bed in the middle of the night and then offer me a quarter? Give me a dollar or get yourself a jack somewhere else.’

“By the time he got to the farmhouse the fellow had worked himself into a lather. He turned into the gate and muttered. ‘A dollar! All right, I’ll give you a dollar. But not a cent more! A poor devil has an accident and all he needs is a jack. You probably won’t let me have one no matter what I give you. That’s the kind of guy you are.’

“Which brought him to the door and he knocked angrily, loudly. The farmer stuck his head out the window above the door and hollered down, ‘Who’s there? What do you want?’ The fellow stopped pounding on the door and yelled up, ‘You and your stupid jack! You know what you can do with it!'”

When I stopped laughing, I started thinking, and I said, “Is that what I’ve been doing?”

“Right,” he said, “and you’d be surprised how many people come to a lawyer for advice, and instead of calmly stating the facts, start building up a big imaginary fight; what he’ll say to his partner, what she’ll say to her husband, or how they’ll tell the Old Man off about his will. So I tell them the story about the jack and they cool off.

“The next time I hear from them, one tells me that the partner was glad to meet him halfway; the gal says she can’t understand it, her husband was so reasonable she thought she must have gotten somebody else on the phone; the relatives found out the Old Man had already been asking a lawyer how he could give everything to them before he died, to save them inheritance tax.”

I thought, “How true! Most of us go through life bumping into obstacles we could easily bypass; spoiling for a fight and lashing out in blind rages at fancied wrongs and imaginary foes.

“And we don’t even realize what we are doing until someone startles us one day with a vivid word like a lightning flash on a dark night.”

Well, the other night I was driving home from the city. I was late for dinner and I hadn’t phoned my wife. As I crawled along in a line of cars, I became more and more frustrated and angry. I’ll tell her I was caught in the heavy weekend traffic and she’ll say, “Why didn’t you phone me before you left town?”

Then I’ll say, “What difference does it make anyway, I’m here!” And she’ll say, “Yes, and I’m here, too, and I’ve been here all day waiting to hear from you!” And I’ll say, “I suppose I haven’t anything else to do but call you up every hour on the hour and make like a lovebird!” And she’ll say, “You mean like a wolf, but you wouldn’t be calling me!”

By this time I am turning into the drive and I am plenty steamed up. 

As I jumped out and slammed the car door, my wife flung open the window upstairs.

“All right!” I shouted up to her, “Say it!”

“I will,” she cooed softly. “Wanna borrow a jack?”

By: Author Unknown”

Well it’s a pretty popular story…funny how sometimes all the worries seems so frivolous when more than half of them are actually not a “problem” !! Need a lightening and thunderstorm to get us back to reality once a while. Thanks to the recent happening, I had my lightning dose, now if we only had a possible cure for this problem!! If only…?!!

Out of those tubes….!!

What a week !! Post adventure trip resulted in a hospitalization that cut off me off from civilization for more than a week. Finally, am out, free !! In convalescence I am supposed to be, but the new found freedom off all that tubes and wires, not to be mention my daily dose of pokes and pricks, is too true for me to be lying down !!