Nofe ‘air

Last week, I was at my cousin’s place when her two-and-half year daughter went screaming around the house, yelling at the top of her voice,” I too wanna go out. Nofe ‘air !! Nofe ‘air!!” At first, we were busy trying to quieten her down before the roof fell; but later looking at the situation, I just wanted to tell her that life will never be fair…’cause that’s the way it is !! I really don’t need to elaborate on that bit ?! The number of viva-voce where I get gunned down whereas my colleague walks off, in-spite of exactly similar answers,
have become too numerous to count!! Or even the fact that I miss the bus on a rainy day and get late, while my best-friend always manages to be on time, in-spite of losing to the tortoise !! The worst are the weekend sales, wherein your “arch”-friend walks in with a discounted buy, which you had nearly paid double for it and was waiting for a special day to wear it first!! Dejected feelings that plague you when your hardly-behind-the-scene colleague walks off with the promotion !! I really wish that I could stamp around like a two-year old, screeching ” Not fair !!”, Nofe ‘air!!” at the top of my lungs…M sure I’ll out-screech the kiddo !!

Ah well, what’s the point, that’s life they say ?! Most of the time, you really don’t have a choice. You accept what is thrown to you and just pray that the mess doesn’t get bigger. Ironically, when something good happens out-of-the-blue; you can’t simply believe your luck and fear the worst is yet to come !! Weird but true !!   That’s the cynical approach to life, at least mine is that way !!

After talking to my cousin about the nofe ‘air, her statement, ” At least you are better off than thousands of others!!” Well that stung a little, but true. I have a wonderful family and friends, talents that I can still unleash and above all, tiny blessings and memories that are treasured for a lifetime. You get to be what you want to be. Life seems unfair, but every adversity brings out a talent and a strength in you, that would have been hidden if you were not challenged.  When the caterpillar thought it was the end of its life … it turned into a butterfly. In continuation to the pertinent advice that I got, “When you start to complain or even think that your “life is hard” stop and ask yourself, “compared to what?” Life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you handle what happens.

Hmmm…no matter what said, I think I ll be in this “nofe ‘air” phase for sometime. It’s not that I am not thankful for the blessings but just that I am tired of working to get what I want, unlike others who get it on a platter. Oh darn it, lazy me !! The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. But no way I am going to exchange my patch of grass for anyone else’s. I like mine the way it is ( once when my cribbing settles, I will!!) On the brighter side, maybe life is supposed to be hard. Maybe the people who have it easy are missing out on an adventure. Carpe diem !!


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2 responses to “Nofe ‘air

  • Ivy Blaise

    Ahhh the thoughts of being able to run around shouting “it’s not fair”… wouldn’t that be soo nice! But as you so wisely point out, maybe this is what life is about, to learn to fight for what is yours so that you appreciate it more. If you fight for it then it has more meaning and is cherished so much more. Sometimes it would be nice with a bit of a break though… when things would fall into our laps for a change. I still like the idea of throwing a momentous tantrum someday though… 🙂

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