Last days of “Scrawling” ?! Not yet !!

Squinting and imagining the loops and lines. Going crazy within the four walls, while running through the possible permutation and combinations in my gray matter. Thank goodness I need to think of only 26 characters. Believe me, after repeated ‘shots’ of caffeine and theophylline, this is not the way I want to end my days, or nights for that matter. When ever do I have the choice of that?!! Loads of paperwork to do, referral notes to decipher and here I am, at 23 00 hours still stuck on the first sheet; started the crunching an hour ago. Omg!! Is it so difficult to just write?! Whatever happened to the days of ink and graphite !!

I still can recall my initial years in school, when I had to just write and write and write, with dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s!! Why do all this, because half my grades were cut off thanks to the ‘legibility’ of my answers on paper.  True, I used to rant and rave all the
time but today somehow my ‘scrawls’ can be read. Oh it does make a difference!! Think what if ‘quill’ was actually meant to be a ‘quilt’ or when ‘failure’ was actually supposed to be ‘falter’. Even worse, are the manuscripts and prescriptions!! Somehow along the way, we have forgotten how to write.  Forget the claims of having cent per cent literacy- it’s supposed to stand for ‘read’ and ‘write’!!! Who to blame- the technology era!! Well, I don’t think we are born with a finger stuck to the keyboard.

Agreed, it is too tiring to write down in the beautiful cursive writing, but who wants all that!! Just pen down the letters- small or caps, your choice!! We still need “ legible inscription notes” for invitations, thank you notes and letters. The solution, if there is ever one- is to simply think of the fact that the other person needs to read what is penned down. That will improve the scruffy and totally ill-mannered depiction of letters. Just think of the difficulty in reading some lettering, which looks way too similar like yours.

Well, that’s all that I can rant about now, have to get back to the ‘squinting’ before dawn breaks; else I am fired. Thank goodness, numbers don’t have this problem!!!


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2 responses to “Last days of “Scrawling” ?! Not yet !!

  • Ivy Blaise

    Hope your late night squinting paid off in the end! I feel for you, it sucks having to sit up late working trying to get the brain to function and not making a total mess out of things.

    Oh and by the way… yes, writing legible does make a huge difference. I have got caught out too many times in work checking out my scribbles after a phone call and realize I have no idea what I just wrote down. My old teachers is school would have dies of pure shock…

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