Arrgh!!! Another Monday morning!!!

It’s is going to be a “Monday morning chaos” tomorrow and I really dread it. I don’t know what it is about Monday mornings but somehow I routinely wager a war with time and myself that morning. It is a battle of wills which involves my body screaming for more rest and my “once-in-a-while responsible gray cells” inciting me to not get late for work. Pointless order of the latter!! I think I am eternally bound to start the week on the wrong footing (unless I am on vacation!!). Initially I thought it was due to all the weekend shopping and partying that left me with the “Monday morning blues”; but it turned out to be a false alarm. No matter how early I turned in, the mornings used to still turn out be a battle with time. Oh why did weekend have to get over so early? Why, oh why?!! I am a situation, like the one last week will result in a similar situation (if not worse!!).

“Damn the alarm, I have an hour more to go!! Just five more minutes snooze”. Well, unfortunately that ends up to be half an hour “snooze”. I end getting up and landing myself grumbling in front of the mirror resembling like an alien who survived the inter-galactic war , catch a couple of “zzzz’s” and then yikes!! Only fifteen minutes to go. “Make that ten minutes, if you are lucky to beat the traffic on foot and reach your destination before the bosses arrive”, screams my hardly-ever-present responsible mind.

Only by sheer luck, I grab some outfit lying in the wardrobe, make myself presentable (if it could be said so!!)and get what-resembles-a-caffeine-shot  all in a span of five minutes. Then the last few minutes are spent on hunting around for some papers and notes that mysteriously disappear every Monday morning. Ah well!! Found it at last. Darn it!! Only four minutes to reach!! Somehow with a speed that puts my high school athletic competitor to shame (he was the state best!!), I reach. Skipped breakfast, had stepped into a muddy puddle, and forgot half the work list and the fact that it was theatre today!! Well this was last Monday morning!! I dread the one tomorrow. That eerie feeling of trouble creeps over!! Alas, there is no remedy for “Monday-itis”.My only consolation, at least I have another weekend to look forward for!!Arrgh if only, it wasn’t seven days a week!!


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