Approaching the end…

Can’t believe it’s the first day of December. Seems like this year just flew by. Anyways, now that officially it’s the start of the Christmas and New Year shopping, it will more time spent in preparing lists, shopping, the Christmas tree to put up, along with the decorations and of course, lots and lots of baking. Come the last week of this month, the calendar would be marked with all the big family gatherings and the dinners, and with all the chatter and ruckus, it’s a miracle that my sanity is still intact. But sometimes, in the midst of the ” winter preparations”, I wonder whether the spirit of Christmas still stays.

Come to think of it, Christmas and New Year means bigger sales, more customers to attract, more investors to be lured and yes, the waves amidst the bulls and bears. Is the spirit of sharing still present ? I wonder about the orphanage kids, do they have a Christmas tree; the elderly in the old age home, do they have any visitors. Maybe this Christmas, it’s time to do something different. Oh yes, the shopping and baking shall be done, but I do want to see a smile on a face, who is neither my kith or kin. A smile on a little girl who has nobody to care, or a laugh of a grandpa. To make a difference, though it may be in a small way but is still a difference. Come to think, it won’t be so difficult, and I am sure the family would pitch in.

It is not so difficult to go an extra step and spread the joy. After all, that is what this season is all about!! And so here we go, the first day of the last month of this year with the holiday season starting off. Kalimera!!


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