After the walk

A walk in the park.....original picture from by avik Bangalee with the same title.In the course of events of yesterday and my “lovely” mood, I got conked out pretty early. Thus, here I am sitting at this unearthly hour, back from a early morning repose with nature. There is nothing like the calming effect it has, especially on a troubled mind. It was still night when I set off, along the road, to the lawn of my quarters and then to the park.  It was pretty chilly, but hasn’t started snowing. Though we had one episode of hailstones. There is something fresh about the early morning air. Makes me just want to indulge in the scent of the morning dew, wet grass, completely devoid of all thoughts.

Along the way, there are many marvels to ponder on. The early morning flowers, as they await the rays of the sun, the twittering of the birds as they slowly get ready for the day. Along the winding brick laden path I walked, it was quiet all around but not that sudden stillness. Just a calmness, as a prelude to the busy day ahead. And then, dawn broke and the powder blue skies emerged. It’s beautiful to be a part of such a scene. And that is when I had my moment, a scene carved in my mind, my happy place.

A moment in time, an instant that had no time. A picture frozen in mid- frame, demanding to be enjoyed, to dwell within that scene, be a part of it. A minute that refused to die after sixty seconds. A moment that was lifted off the time line and amplified into a forever so all the could witness the majesty. The essence of life carved in that moment.

Feels like a moment in eternity. A moment that reminds me of the treasures surrounding of life. My home. My peace of mind.  A moment that tenderly chides me for spending so much time and energy on temporal preoccupations such as work, savings accounts, and punctuality. A moment that can bring a mist to the manliest of eyes and perspective to the darkest life. A moment with a dotted timeline, to be relived again and again.

Life is like that , it is a long winding road, and the journey on the road is far more important than the final destination. And along these journeys, these spacial moments happen and that is what tells us that everything is okay. It’s okay to make mistakes, to fall in love and to find peace within.

As I walk back, the leaves of autumn still sway in the chill of winter; like a blend of two seasons. I had my moment today, and it will keep me going on for sometime, even when I feel that I am about to hit the dumps. All of us have our own moments. Treasure them as they come. Don’t be too busy to enjoy them. For that is what keeps us going on, reminding me of the miracles of life.


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