Hmmm….a boon or a bane

I think I have lost it – the art of reading. No, don’t get me wrong, I am one of those avid readers – nose-in-the-book-all-the-time type, popularly a.k.a “nerd”. Yet, now I really think I have lost it. I am a part of the technology-transition-generation, i.e. growing up with books from the public library, hand-me-down books and oh yes, the neighborhood-borrow-books club. Old ancient looking classics, the Enid Blytons, Brer Rabbit, and the Grimm Fairytales…later the adventure series etc…the books used to have a lot of dog-eared pages and bookmarks were kept, if one could be found. A sunny or rainy afternoon, a glass of orange juice and the books. Some of them, I used to read again and again, too irrresistable. Ah, well those were the days.

Fast forward to present, aside from most of the books being replaced by texts, the public library used to get updated less often. The neighborhood club numbers had dropped. The other hurdle was getting the books. Well, yeah we could place orders via Amazon but hey, the last time I was in a bookstore was like six months ago. And today most of my books – the texts and the novels are all online or on the E-reader; the classy cool compact gadget. Not to forget, blame the rising inflation as well, ’cause e-books are way cheaper and of course less heavier. But I miss the feel of paper, of the marking with pencil, doodling on the last pages. When I feel like re-reading a book, I have to start all over from page 1; it’s not easy to browse through the pages. All the zooming and blurring of words make me feel dizzy. Well, I have no choice but to keep up with technology, but I wonder what will happen when my laptop crashes and I loose all the books, or when my E-reader malfunctions. Guess, it’s a useless wish, that we could go back to those ol’ days of sitting by the fireside, immersed in the pages of a book.




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