Nuances of a new “rural-settler”…

Well, one back-breaking day of unpacking, and from the looks of it; I can finally call it a day. So sitting in this mellow mood, updating myself to the fact that I am still adjusting to the life out here. As I had posted earlier, this new place is essentially a missionary-based rural hospital; the nearest town being miles away. It’s been nearly a month since I have joined work, though I am still trying to settle down.

This place or rather the life out here kind of leaves you unprepared. No matter how many tips you get, or advices you get about the local customs and rules; nothing can prepare you for the life out here. True, amenities are to the basic but small-town or rather rural life is different. It’s nice to be greeted by scores of people in the morning, to have people fuss over you and look out when you are new and shifting in. Come to think of it, even in a suburban neighborhood,  you would be welcomed with smiles and house-warming gifts but later things die down. But here, you have the occasional stop-by over by the locals when they go to town. The only clinch is that nothing is private, everything is news. Some days you are the news, other days someone else. The thing with this small town is that nothing goes by unnoticed, which may be a boon or a bane; I still have to see. But on the whole, it feels nice that your next-door farmer-neighborer had kept your paper while you were out in the town for a whole weekend.

If anyone were to ask, would I have traded this, the smell of the fields, open skies, the splashes across the lake and the vast open spaces with rich cow-studded pastures or tractors running by; for the dark, dusty days of the city. Definitely not. I needed this break and I would have made the same call, given a choice again; regardless of electricity and network coverage.


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