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At the end of the day…

Sometimes, certain days get highly tedious and stressful. Deadlines have not been met. Schedules have to be made. Meetings to be held and re-scheduled, notes to complete and reports to go over.

Worse still, you get back after work, and there is always more to do. For some, it’s dinner, homework with the kids and loads of housework. For other’s it’s an ailing parent who needs all the attention they can get, but work is needed to bring bread to the table. For others, it could be an empty apartemnt with loads of dished and laundry piled up.

Meals missed. Sleepless nights. Stressed out nerves. Harried personal time or almost nil. In the middle of all the furore, you pause and try to breathe. And mentally, you end up cursing yourself,wondering what have I achieved today ? Why does each day, end up in this harried pace ? Each of us have a different meaning on to how to spend our day. For some, priorities just the main ones, for others maybe all. When it all gets out of my hand, and I reach near the breaking point; I remember something that was told to me by one of my colleagues.

If you planted hope in any hopeless heart,  

If someone’s burden was lightened because you did your part,

If you caused the laugh that chased some of the tears away,

If tonight your name is remembered when someone kneels down to pray,

Then the deadlines don’t matter any more,

For your day has already been well spent…


Going beyond the Hour: Earth Hour

Ever since the entire civilization has been set off on the industrial growth phase, with the ever-expanding phase of modern technology and higher standards of living; we have lost sight of the bigger picture, the real future that we ideally are supposed to hand over to the coming generations – the preserved resources of nature.  As years went by, there has been an increasing awareness and more about the environment and conservation of energy. This is what brings me to this post, Earth Hour which was observed here on March 26, 8:30 to 9:30 and hopefully beyond that.

What humbled me, was that this news reached even the remote areas. Forget the fact that there are major power-outbreaks , that the humidity has set in and the heat is simply unbearable, or there are areas where it was still snowed in. Lights still went off 26th evening and the trend of conservation of energy was spread and discussed about. Major hospitals and the minor ones like where I work, efforts were taken to avoid the unnecessary use of electricity. Though no drastic measures were taken, the small efforts of the various households combined across the country would have a tremendous impact.

True, it doesn’t make any sense in doing this all for one day. Yet looking beyond, the idea of awareness had taken root leading to a growing concern for our resources. These baby steps would definitely go a long way. It sensitizes the community and major cities taking efforts to adapt to a more reasonable consumption of energy. To bring about this awareness, there is no need to burn down oil companies or hold demonstrations in front of the major power houses or factories. Rather, it starts at the very grass-root level of conservation and wise living. At home itself, simple measures can be used to conserve energy and that is where the actual fruitful steps begin. It just involves sitting down and making  list of steps which can be taken. In my hospital, the list has been started and steps are in-place.

From 2007, the WWF‘s Earth Hour has gone a long way and maybe there is still hope out there for sustaining Nature and her beauty for the future. The fact that there has been a massive surge in the involvement of people in this venture globally, and active participation of the people at the local and international level proves that the message is being passed around loud and clear. And by now, hopefully, for many it would be going beyond this Earth Hour, beyond the entitled period of one hour and carry out the message in the remaining days of the year.

Getting the Moves !!!

This crazed activity started a few weeks ago, towards the end of my internship. Dancing has been always one of my fav’ activities, but add a month of dance movies and well, I wondered if I could combine a few street moves with hip-hop and ballet. Hey presto, here I am soothing out the cramps but having fun.

After endless hours of high-wire tension and running around, the best way to get rid of my irritable, high-strung nerves is by letting all those joints go haywire. And it works. Agreed I am exhausted at the end of the day, but those few minutes of music accompanied by side-sweeps, side-steps, moon-walking ended with a somersault or pirouette does wonders to my stress levels.

Underlying thing about stress, is that it all depends on how you take it and on how you handle work. Agreed that nothing goes by ever in the planned manner. Many a time, it goes berserk and we hit a stone-wall. But, it’s up  to us to ease the pressure on ourselves and make a fresh start. Switch over the stress to something beneficial and hey, things will all get sorted out in due time.

By far, stress is the worst killer ever, it gets to you in an underhand way, ensnaring you and draining out the joy of life from you. Never should that happen to anyone. I lost my sense of balance, but thankfully found it before things got out of hand. It’s just one life, everyone has their own personal ups and downs, not just you. Everyone has their own way to cope with all that stress, just have to find it. Maybe it could be in music, or just walking, or sitting on a park bench with a paper and pencil in hand, or photography, or even kick-boxing anything to ease up the mind. Away from the daily stress and shocks of life. For me, right now I just need to get up and dance.

Being’s okay…

Comparisons…life is full of them. Sometimes, when in a crisis that’s the last thing I need. Very often, I hear about the good ol’ neighbourhood tales of  the “legends”. Oh Mr “So-and-So” and Mrs. “Goody-Two-Shoes”, way too perfect, married at the right age, got the right job, making the right amount of money, settled in the right place, a real role model in the neighbourhood, now running for the Mayor. It’s a darn pity that you didn’t turn out to be like them!!

Well  damn right, I wouldn’t want to be like them. My life is not too planned out and lived by the schedule. I’m human, giving into the occassional emotions and moodswings but I darn well know what I want to know out of life. I may not run for the elections, I may not have all the “rights”, but I do enjoy my life, my experiences, and my achievements….No one ever needs to fill out phamlets of their achievements and distribute it around, to earn the halo of acceptance and recognition.

It is in moments like these, when the local “comparisions-to-do-today” gossip team takes  over, that a twinge of self doubt and guilt is felt. But through the years, what I have learnt is that,

It’s okay to have fears… No it doesn’t mean that you have live by it, but rather the way you face them, the steps that you take to overcome them and use them to your advantage doesn’t define you as  a coward…

It’s okay to make mistakes…to err is human afterall. How else is anyone supposed to learn. Each one has a different fit, and each one to his own size…

It’s okay to give up on some things…Sometimes giving up on the immediate pleasures and temptations may seem saddening at the moment but after a whil it fades off…instead there will be joy and contentment in the simple things of life….

It’s okay to be quiet sometimes…We all need our moments of silence and introspection. It’s only the empty vessels that go clanging 24 X 7…..

It’s okay to cry even when everyone laughs…it can be mistaken as tears of joy for all you know. Besides, keeping it pent up inside kind of ruins the day !!

It’s okay to laugh at d boss’s joke…If thay you are sucking up to the big guns, let them. Who cares about them anyways?!!

It’s okay to love d one who hates u…For then they will no longer have a real reason to hate you, and you don’t have to face early wrinkles and aging…

It’s okay to sing like a frog gone wild…for it boosts you up, and the rest doesn’t matter. Only, no law suit should be filed for “hearing-damage” !!

Unless, a personal joy and peace is found within, it’s useless earning all those big-bucks and playing the “power-position’ games. There’s more than enough trouble and misery in this world to go around, why add to it and be a part of the mess.

While the journey, only you would know how it goes, no matter how much any one guesses or figures out what to do, only you can call the shots and make the decisions. As it is, stepping into someone’s shoes is difficult, and hardly ever two shoes sizes match to a T.

Moreover, what matters is, if being what you are, makes you happy, go ahead and then be urself, it’s absolutely okay…

Spontaneity…. with a “leprechaun finale”

It’s been a crazy day. Lemme see, one day when I didn’t have my phone continously ringing, or trying to explain to a new mother that you never feed ur baby while lying down, or trying to dash across the ground between my quarters and the emergency room.

Ah finally, my day off…got back into functioning after a blessedly long “undisturbed” sleep. And then it was riots since then. A couple of us just managed to squeeze in our leave together and off we went into the town. Oh it was blissful, taking time off and creating a riot in the local market, eating from the street vendors ( nope, no tummy problems till now, food is spicy !!) and atrociously bargaining.

To let down my hair and for once, not to think at all – felt blissfully great. I kind of feel that these short impromptu breaks does a lot of wonder to my system, compared to the long days of leave. For once, you don’t have to waste hours planning and then arrange a place to crash. It’s rather, a call, ” You free, then let’s go !!!” So reminiscing over a cuppa, ( need to make it back, kinda of well stocked for a crash out nyt though !!!) these on-the-spur-moments are what makes the tedious round-the-clock days worth it.

So here I am trying to finish this post, while the rest of them are donning their leprechaun hats, singing randy tunes, collecting shamrock leaves and stringing green streamers around “Warning… drunken shenanigans ahead!” Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!!!

Breaking the Dawn after the Fury

Vīta pretiōsa est

These past few days have been quite numb. They were the days that taught me how precious life is. How we can never predict what might happen at any given time-frame at any place. Many that day, didn’t know, that the walk to the shops or the market would be the last one, or that the fields would be green for the last time, or…it was the last hug before leaving home. A couple of minutes to hours it took, and today, still the shock of it has all of us reeling from it. And the aftermath hasn’t stopped, even now.

The worst thing about it, was the helplessness of the situation. Even though the weather satellites may have given a hint of warning,  complete evacuation would have been a miracle. Nature has known to unleash its fury, in worst forms. Just like in a second, the earthquake that had hit followed by the tsunami , it had left too, leaving aftershocks in its wake. Though this time, there is no one to yell at, no one to put behind bars, no one to curse or put the blame on; for no one can bring Nature to predict its course. For just as Nature destroys, it has the power to heal. But it’s upto us, to mend ourselves and try to bring life to normalcy, if it can ever happen so. It’s up to us to reconnect the threads, forge the ties and spin our lives again.

Life is too precious to waste it on fights, anger and hatred. There is a lot it can teach us about, a lot to offer, a lot of dreams waiting to be achieved and a lot of memories waiting to happen. Come to think of it, each day is way too precious to waste it on trifles. No one ever knows if it would be their last flight or the last drive on the road, or the last walk by the beach. Yet when realisation strikes that life is unpredictable, the urge to run away or stay dormant is there. But when you slowly reminesce through the memories, the risks of life are worth to take but not to waste. Maybe that’s why they say to savour every minute of life, to embrace every day as it comes with all its surprises and setbacks. And it’s that hope of surprises and memories that makes breaking the dawn all the more breath-taking and beautiful…

Listening never goes down well…

The other day as I was seeing a couple of patients; imagine the situation that entails as following:

A 17 yr old girl walks in with symptoms of cough, fever and sore throat and as procedure dictates; I had just got down to jotting down the history and was going to start off the examination, while the nurse was instructed to take the temperature.

“ Well, doctor why don’t you just prescribe the previous medication. It went down well with my daughter. Homeopathic medication only suits her, not allopathic medication. She’s very fragile with the English medicines, so I only take her to the paediatrician.”

The ruminations through my mind….

“Did I start off with the examination? Nope.

“Does the mother know the basis for prescribing medication ? Nope, unless she has majored in pharmacology and family medicine.

That is the benefits of over-information and inappropriate knowledge of how to utilize the matter. Or maybe of over-speculation !!! To be honest, I am at a loss, whether I should simply hand over the sheet and walk off; or just blink away this incident. Medical ethics demand that I don’t. Is it so difficult to trust your doctor ? For without trust, you can’t build up a rapport with your practitioner, then how is the treatment supposed to work out.

Looking from a broader viewpoint, even in life, it’s true that it’s so easy to just talk away but it is so difficult to listen to someone. Maybe, that’s why in spite of having the superiority of thought and aptitude, we still can’t work in peace for long. After all if every one ends up voicing their thoughts, who is going to listen to them all !!!!