Listening never goes down well…

The other day as I was seeing a couple of patients; imagine the situation that entails as following:

A 17 yr old girl walks in with symptoms of cough, fever and sore throat and as procedure dictates; I had just got down to jotting down the history and was going to start off the examination, while the nurse was instructed to take the temperature.

“ Well, doctor why don’t you just prescribe the previous medication. It went down well with my daughter. Homeopathic medication only suits her, not allopathic medication. She’s very fragile with the English medicines, so I only take her to the paediatrician.”

The ruminations through my mind….

“Did I start off with the examination? Nope.

“Does the mother know the basis for prescribing medication ? Nope, unless she has majored in pharmacology and family medicine.

That is the benefits of over-information and inappropriate knowledge of how to utilize the matter. Or maybe of over-speculation !!! To be honest, I am at a loss, whether I should simply hand over the sheet and walk off; or just blink away this incident. Medical ethics demand that I don’t. Is it so difficult to trust your doctor ? For without trust, you can’t build up a rapport with your practitioner, then how is the treatment supposed to work out.

Looking from a broader viewpoint, even in life, it’s true that it’s so easy to just talk away but it is so difficult to listen to someone. Maybe, that’s why in spite of having the superiority of thought and aptitude, we still can’t work in peace for long. After all if every one ends up voicing their thoughts, who is going to listen to them all !!!!


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