Going beyond the Hour: Earth Hour

Ever since the entire civilization has been set off on the industrial growth phase, with the ever-expanding phase of modern technology and higher standards of living; we have lost sight of the bigger picture, the real future that we ideally are supposed to hand over to the coming generations – the preserved resources of nature.  As years went by, there has been an increasing awareness and more about the environment and conservation of energy. This is what brings me to this post, Earth Hour which was observed here on March 26, 8:30 to 9:30 and hopefully beyond that.

What humbled me, was that this news reached even the remote areas. Forget the fact that there are major power-outbreaks , that the humidity has set in and the heat is simply unbearable, or there are areas where it was still snowed in. Lights still went off 26th evening and the trend of conservation of energy was spread and discussed about. Major hospitals and the minor ones like where I work, efforts were taken to avoid the unnecessary use of electricity. Though no drastic measures were taken, the small efforts of the various households combined across the country would have a tremendous impact.

True, it doesn’t make any sense in doing this all for one day. Yet looking beyond, the idea of awareness had taken root leading to a growing concern for our resources. These baby steps would definitely go a long way. It sensitizes the community and major cities taking efforts to adapt to a more reasonable consumption of energy. To bring about this awareness, there is no need to burn down oil companies or hold demonstrations in front of the major power houses or factories. Rather, it starts at the very grass-root level of conservation and wise living. At home itself, simple measures can be used to conserve energy and that is where the actual fruitful steps begin. It just involves sitting down and making  list of steps which can be taken. In my hospital, the list has been started and steps are in-place.

From 2007, the WWF‘s Earth Hour has gone a long way and maybe there is still hope out there for sustaining Nature and her beauty for the future. The fact that there has been a massive surge in the involvement of people in this venture globally, and active participation of the people at the local and international level proves that the message is being passed around loud and clear. And by now, hopefully, for many it would be going beyond this Earth Hour, beyond the entitled period of one hour and carry out the message in the remaining days of the year.


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