By thine own way o’ life…

Sometimes, as the days go by and we all get caught by in the “happenings” and the “busy”-ness of life, that before we know it, it’s all over and it’s time up. Frankly speaking, working in the hospital is kind of a dual deal – I get to experience the miracle of “life” with all the expectant mothers and howling new-borns and the “bleakness” of life as well – the denial and the acknowledgements tht it’s time to say “goodbye”.  Those who get involved in accidents are the worst, and so are the victims of drunk driving.

Dealing with death is not easy at all, neither for those who have to declare the death or the fact that death is at the corner, nor for those who have to hear. It’s so fast and easy for life to get snuffed out. Which is why, some of the things that I have kept for long in the dark have to be done.

Some of what I’ll personally christen as “my rules of living life my way”…

Primarily, to make peace with my past, so that I can firmly say a goodbye to it and bury it, for it should never screw up my present.

What other people think of me is none of my business. They can carry their personal thoughts and “commentary” about me, to wherever they want to. There is absolutely no point in wasting my peace o’mind and time concerning them. My business involves primarily in thinking of my rpinciples and preserving my self-worth.

Time heals almost everything,I’ll give time the chance to do so. Someday the hurt of broken relationship will no longer be like a sore joint. And time, will give me another try someday.

No one is incharge of my happiness, except me, myself. I can always view at problems in two ways – let my emotional response get over my head or instead, give in to the emotional rant if required and then think rationally and deal with the crisis.

I won’t  compare my life to others n not will I  judge them. Besides, I have no idea about what their journey is all about. I know, no one will know about mine except myself!!! I have my set of dreams, I’ll go about doing them, instaed of making comparisons. For the sooner I start on my dreams, the more I can get done !!!

And what my Granma used to say always; stop thinking too much, it’s alright not to know all the answers, they will come to you when you least expect it. Rather sleep on it, it’ll all work out, eventually. After all worrying is like being in a rocking chair, you will end up in the same stage you started off in; getting nowhere !!!

And most importantly, to smile and laugh and to sing aloud, even in my bathroom voice. I don’t own all the problems in this world, nor do I want to put them on my shoulders. I’ll just deal with mine for now. The rest o’ the problems will be taken care of in the ude course of time.

That’s the end of my seven realisations of life for know. This bings to mind, something that one of my friends once said, “life is d hardest school as no one ever knows what level of class one will be in, what exam will be next and you can’t even try to copy b’coz no one else will have the same question paper.”

Instead, at your own pace you’ll have to tackle one day at a time. Eventually all the answers will come, and then goodbye won’t be dreary as expected !!! And the destination at the end of the road, will be near to where you wanted to reach !!!



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