To break ’em or not to !!

Break the rules. Or rather rules are meant to be broken.That was my ideology or rather “mantra” through high school and college. Now, I think it should be re-phrased as “Break the rules sensibly”!!! Weird statement, I guess that’s what most would say. Seriously, there is absolutely no way that breaking the rules would be ever considered sensible. Contrary to what most think, I strongly hold the opinion that rules are meant to be broken, not all though just some. And that’s where the sensible part comes into play!!

The past week, I have commuted to and fro via air for my convocation ceremony; the scene in-flight is what led me to type this post.

When they announce to switch off cell phones, laptops while take-off and landing, it undeniably includes i-pods, e-readers and all other electronic gadgets. The purpose is that the various transmissions will interfere with the radar system and the in-flight programming network. Thus, it is an instruction or a rule which is not to be taken lightly. Since we all are literate and educated, it doesn’t make any sense that the air-hostess has to go by the aisle at least thrice to see if all the electronic system is switched off, when the instruction have been relayed across the speaker system at least twice. Busy that we all are, it is vain if we don’t survive the flight thanks to a few tactical errors!!! It’s more than you own safety, it involves others too.

Another common scene that I come across in the emergency room are the victims of drunk driving and the drunk-drivers themselves. Some lucky to be alive, and some who don’t get to see another day or night ever again. Accidents happen but carelessness is a different thing altogether. Not only is it a senseless thing to do, but to take an innocent bystander down, it’s entirely unfair. Neither can you give life, so don’t take someone else’s either. True, sometimes we need to drown ourselves in the spirits, dull our senses and loose the pain; but do you a favor and an innocent-would-be victim as well, let someone else do the driving, anyone but you.

The famous no-smoking rule is still a sore point for many. To put it down simply, smoke it’s your problem but don’t force the rest of us to inhale it. If the latter has to happen at least allow us to wear masks around you. No offense meant, but we don’t want to poison ourselves. So where it’s banned, please don’t light that cigar or cigarette.

Like these, there are many more rules that shouldn’t be broken but the ones that can be broken are plenty too. It’s fun to sneak out of the dorm at night and hold a terrace party. It’s okay to sneak a couple of beers in the lectures. It’s not a crime to bunk a couple of days of college and go for the adventure trip that you and the gang of friends always wanted to do. It’s not a sin to skip work and call in apparently sick, only to get tickets for the latest pro-football match in town. It’s not honorable to sneak a peek during the exam but hey, be prepared to face the consequences.

Everyone’s situation at home and work is different, but it’s quite alright to bend the rules and break them once a while. But to break a standing rule, at the cost of someone else’s life is totally a crime. Try putting yourself in the victims’ family or friends’ place and only then will you know what it means to lose someone.  Accidents happen all the time, but don’t go out of your way or from your side, to make them happen. As what with we stand for in our daily practice, “primum non cere” !!!



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