Call of Destiny, is it so ?!!

He was born to a family which could barely make ends meet. Thanks to the law and social support, he could study till high school. At the end, he got a scholarship and went on to study agriculture-related subjects at college and later at the university. For someone whose family had barely five acres of land, today it has become a ranch. This is a story of one boy in the community that I live in. Many of the children in the little public school were of the same background. Little boys and girls who worked on the farm in the wee hours of the morning and post-school hours. Or have single parents who found it hard to get bread. Or whose parents were drug addicts, or whose were killed in tragic accidents orphaned at an early age. They were picked up by the various NGOs and charitable trusts hoping to give them a future, a second chance.

Taking a look at the other side of the coin. Born to a middle class well to do family, he had heard of struggle but never had experienced it. For he didn’t have to,bread was always on the table and the future was secure. Or it seemed so, till he met Uncle Charlie and the days were spent in hitting up or having a dig. Pocket shots were in, he said. The house knew no rest, gone was the peace and happiness, of the present and the future.

Thus is the story of two children, one who was given a chance, grabbed it and made his dreams big. The other who was enticed to go the wrong way. What does this tell us ? Being born having-it-all doesn’t help you be anyone in life ? When life deals cruel with you, then you tend to give it your best shot ? Circumstances is what makes you become what you are now, if you are born poor, it’s only luck which intervenes and gives you a second chance ? ( Never believe in that !!) It’s your destiny or fate which decides whether you make a mess out of life, or live it the right way !!!

Which brings me to the point, is destiny something so powerful that you let your life loosely hang on it. Is fate something so strong to let it dictate your life. Of course not !! Agreed, circumstances are what moulds us, shapens us into character, action and unfolds us in the way we, rather each one of us handles life. But circumstance is not a dictator. It is we who can use circumstances, for the better or  worse.  It doesn’t hurt to dream big, to soar high (not with Uncle Charlie or any other drugs for that matter !!), to make plans for the future. No one says all the dreams will materialize or post-planning, it will be a smooth sail henceforth, because all your plans and routs are chalked out. No. There are bound to be blocks and detours, standstills and upheavals. But if you stall and watch the traffic go by, you are bound to stagnate and before you know, poof, it’s over !! Time up !! Or you can pick up the pieces from the mess , re-start and move on.

Opportunity knocks on all the doors and peeks through the windows, but it doesn’t come with a bang and fireworks , to announce it’s arrival. It passes by. You have to be ready to see it or even it’s shadows and grasp it, before it totally jumps out of your grasp. If time is spent on moping, lying about listlessly; it won’t wait for you to buck up and reach out. Opportunity says, what the hell, if you don’t see me I can’t see you either !! Though sometimes, it will come by again, when least expected. Then, we can either fold our hands and say, it’s destiny, we can go only this far; or you can throw your hands and grab oppurtunity when it comes a second time, before it runs away.

The story of the two boys are just examples. There are countless number of people who decide what they want out of their life, and say destiny, come what may, but I am going to give my best shot while I can. Your background, your family name, your assets don’t matter infact, for they don’t define you. What you personally accomplish in life is what makes life worth living for. What you want to do, not what somebody else decides for you to do. Poor or rich, it doesn’t matter. Yet there is no point of building castles in thin air. Look at the finances, plan wise and act on it.

Many sit back and say, it’s destiny or fate, which ever you call it ?!! But what I personally believe, is you give it your best shot, somewhere along the journey; we both i.e. destiny and me,  will meet and reach a compromise. But it doesn’t warrant me to let fate control my life entirely. We all have been given talents of some sort. Using it wisely is a responsibilty entrusted unto us. As  Andy  said in the final scene of Step Up 2: The Streets ( ‘m into hip-hop at the present !!), summing it up as “…it shouldn’t amtter what we wear, what we school, or what neighbourhood we come from, because the best part of the tsrrets is not what you’ve got, but what you make of what you’ve got.” Well, I would like to metaphrase the street s as “streets of life” !!! So what are you waiting, go and meet destiny half-way or rather let help you reach where you want to be in life ?!! Call of destiny or fate ?!! Is it so ?! Or is it you decides if it becomes a call or a compromise between the two of you !! Destiny, fate or how ever you may call it.

You are what your deep driving desire is. 
What your desire is, so is your will,
What your will is, so is your deed,
What your deed is, so is your destiny.

You would be what your destiny is. – Pravs J


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