Cutting your piece of the cake…

Last week was my niece’s b’day !!! She blew off her three candles admist loud cheers and  hugs. And oh yes, there was the traditional cake cutting ceremony, where in her fourth year of life started off with a big piece of cake. Philosphically looking at it, I often wonder why most birthdays are celebrated by cutting the cake. Seriously, no one rings in their new year by cutting a pie, digging into the pudding or ice-cream. The best birthday celebrations have to have that piece o’ cake, it may be home-baked or ordered, with or without cream !! Not that I belong to an “anti-cake squad”, I just wonder if it has any significance attached to birthdays being celebrated by cutting a cake, any symbolic meaning perhaps!!

Thinking about it, maybe our years untill our birthday can be summed up in a cake ( and I don’t mean in “easy” as when we say a piece of cake !!) , lit by the candles. I wonder what each person thinks as they blow the candles out. Maybe thoughts of what the past years have brought about. Or about the trials and trying times underwent so far. Or of the near-misses, lessons learnt and second chances. Or hoping that tomorrow will turn out to be better. What ever it may be, we close our eyes, make a wish, blow out the candles and cut that piece of cake !!

It’s hope that makes us look forward to the next year in our life. Hope for a new change, a new start or just some good ol’ luck (Like my grandmother who has been pining for great-grand kids for the past couple of days, after effects of long distance calls  to her grand-kids maybe!! ). But when times get tough, you kind of look back, sift through the happy moments and for some, b’days kind of bring a smile. For others, those without celebrations or who couldn’t celebrate, it brings in another year to achieve more, hope in something new. That’s what b’days signify, another year of hope and dreams; a year of new beginnings and wishes. And that’s what happens when you cut your piece of cake !! You make a new hope, a wish, and a dream to achieve that wish. And the next year of your life unfolds, another year of learning and moments.


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