Standing alone…

Standing alone in the rain, and getting drenched; he looked a tad ‘lonely out there. He was a regular volunteer at the hospital; helping to take care of the elderly, spending time with the sick children, and so on. In short, a known face around. “What is wrong?”, I had asked him. This is what he had to say.

“Each of us has a network of friends and family, yet at times when crisis hits, you can’t share it with anyone. You try to talk it out, but the fear comes over you that they won’t figure you out; they wouldn’t understand your point of view. They often say, it will pass; but how will I cope till it passes over. Worst is the situation when one of your own is a pain in the neck, or has created a mess in which you can’t surface from. Certain days, in moments like these I feel all alone. Who can I talk to, then? And if ever that someone comes along, how can I be sure that they won’t be any back-stabbing involved. I deciphered this today, when crisis comes, awkward moments come; you are alone in this world. And that is the true face of life. Brutal but that’s the honest truth of life.”

What can I say? Standing alone; we all get that feeling at times. Of things not working out for us, while for others it’s a smooth sail. Of plans being made and you are the last one to know about it. There are many more instances like these, when sometimes you feel that everything or rather everyone is against you. This phase of feelings is a rough ride. The days then feel prolonged and the routine of life becomes monotony.

Thinking of life like that, we all are standing alone. We come in a single file and that’s how we go out. During the years we make our family and friends. And they do help us get by. Yet they are human too. And what I have seen is that the more we expect from them, the more we get disappointed.

As for facing the scenes alone, we all get that feeling of loneliness and tiredness though in reality you are not alone. Someone is always looking out for us. That someone who watches out for us and waits to see if we get back on our feet. He will give us some time and then when we still don’t surface, He intervenes and helps us to stand up. It’s just a matter of faith, hope, perseverance and time.

Crisis comes, and at times we are alone but just pause and look around. You are not the only one who is standing in the rain, many of us are. It’s just that each one of us gets caught up in our own mess to realize that we are not the only ones in a tight spot. It depends on how you look at it. You may stand alone but at the end of the “crisis phase” you re-connect and get back to the daily life, with faith hope, and a lot wiser. Just face it and get on by, don’t cower. For sometimes, by standing alone, it makes you a lot more strong and for all you know, it could be meant for the better than the worse.


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