Play of The Colours

Seems as though the heat has been stalled for a couple of days in the tropics. It’s been raining like cats and dogs for the past few days. Yet not so terrible, looks as though they are taking turns, the clouds and the sun.

The smell and feel of rain is quite awesome, especially when you are in the city.Agreed it’s highly polluted and not same as the country, but still I eagerly await the rains any day. After a downpour, the air smells of fresh earth, wet grass and all the birds creep out to say a hello around. And nature wrecks havoc on my senses, the rich colours come back to life. Here in the tropics, there is no real distinction between spring and the summer save for the rains. Downpours are common during summer, though this time it is way early. Discussing the weather seems like a weird post, but let me go beyond that.

Nature plays with colours. Metaphorically speaking, it plays with our journey on the road, coloring it up, giving it dark shades and light shades, special colours, sad colours, beautiful colours and sometimes, colours which only we can see and experience, that nobody else would be able to. But when nature plays with colours, it doesn’t alert us with alarms or ding-dong bells !! It starts it’s work and gives us the option of seeing the colours as they are coming along the way. Unfortunately, what most of us do, including me, is to crib unceasingly about our misfortunes and downfalls in life; little looking around and appreciating how lucky we are when compared to many. Sometimes, I often wonder why we are given so many chances in spite of how hopeless we perceive life. Maybe it’s because of the amazing grace that is given to all of us. Maybe there is still hope that we,people would change for the better.

The Colours of Life by Leonid Afremov

That’s what the rains tell us, to pause and appreciate life, it’s beauty and grace. To take each day as it comes. To hope for the best; yet be prepared for the worst. To take pitfalls as they come, in stride. To say a daily prayer of thanks . To explore life. To enjoy and learn from experiences, be it good or bad. To inspire us to do something different, unique to each individual. To give something back to this world. Or what I perceive most importantly, to throw ourselves in the riot of colours of life, losing ourselves in the joy of living , and when we fall or stumble, to pick ourselves and  move on.


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