Dealing with the personal space invaders !!!

Commuting via the local bus and through the streets was an ordeal today!! Being shoved and pushed through the crowd is kind of almost a daily routine, but today while in the bus it went way out of hand. I was stepped on an endless number of times. Not to mention about the shoving, pushing and the temporary detachment of your upper half of the body from the lower while trying to get down from the bus. If anyone says that subways are better, I‘ll seriously ask them to eat crow!!

Alright, agreed travelling is highly strenuous at times, especially when you have to use the local transport (whatever is available then suffices thanks to the lack of time and your highly temperamental car; no taxi in sight !!). But the problem doesn’t end there. Waiting rooms, counters, department store and even ordinary conversation; some folks just come right up over to you, literally kind of just say a mere inch standing away from you!!! Half the time, I scoot over to make more space, and then yet, I am still cramped up l!!

Why hasn’t anybody heard of the term “personal space”!! I hate when people encroach that space around me, makes me feel flustered and irritated. Is there any polite way to say, “Er, could you please keep your distance?!!”I am not deaf nor blind yet, nor am I dumb; so if anyone wishes to make their point, I am definitely all ears, but it doesn’t warrant them to breathe down my neck or worse, right in front of my face!!! Besides, being annoying it’s highly insulting. Recently, I have started the new gesture of prodding to make them stay away and give my space. I know it’s rude, but I can’t help it; apparently “excuse me, please” doesn’t work anymore!!! My way out, to walk in a wide arc helps and to never stand still. And the occasional frown too, does wonders. I am still working out new ways to maintain “my space”. Unfortunately, can’t put up a sign saying, “Trespassers (of personal space), please keep out !!!


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