Keeping the spirit of life…

Already into the last week of April, I find myself in awe of time; the rate at which it flies by. It feels like yesterday that I was celebrating new year!!! The past one week was pretty eventful for me and the staff, in the hospital. The Passion Week ended with the Easter celebrations and yesterday we had the traditional Easter Hunt; with the bunny rabbits, secret maps for the “precious gems” ( a.k.a. Easter eggs ) and children running around and the adults busy with the preparations for the Easter lunch.

Few reminders that I associate with Easter are about the saving grace, redemption, love and most importantlyfor me is, hope. Hope for better times. For brighter days. For small miracles.

But sometimes, in the process of living life, I get all flustered up and disappointed. I tend to loose hope and fall out. Yet a while later, maybe even months later, I eventually pick up the pieces and try to fall back in the line, on the road. Then, it seems as though the worse things, though they happened don’t actually matter anymore. The journey seems far better than before. After all, it’s all about picking up the pieces and moving on.

And then one fine day,I realize that everything that I had always wished for, hoped and dreamt for has finally come true.

Then I look back and laugh at what all I went through, the trying times, the journey and how it all happened…

Then when I ask myself, “How did I get through all that?”….Things which made that happen matter the most..Maybe there were meant to be unpleasant times, difficult times. Maybe it all happened for a reason. To learn about life. To understand about grace and love.

Yet what I realized most importantly, is to just never let go of hope…

To just never quit dreaming…

Finally to never let that love depart from your life…

And that is how I made it till here. And that’s how we all made it till this point in our lives. So I pray for a good going this year and above all, hope to keep the flame alive ….


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through five yrs of med school, and now taking a 2 yr break before post-grad working in mission hosp in India; 'm one of ur norm' everyday ppl. Nothing dramatic goin' on in my life, but it's not so quiet either. Just "a lot of happenings". So, hi there n Have a great day :) View all posts by ....the little thread of thoughts

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