Facing the day !!

The past one week was slightly hectic at work. Our consulting physician had take leave owing to an unexpected crisis in his family. Consequently, all his patients were transferred over to me for a period of one week. Then the director of the hospital, had a sudden attack of chest pain, and was rushed to the ICU. He had suffered an MI. To add to, the town was buzzing with on-goings of “the Stockholm Convention” for the ban on Endosulfan group of pesticides, the post- local elections fiasco, and the close following up of the wedding, the local medical camps which were usually held at the end of the month. A week which was definitely eventful and full of happenings’!! What a start to May!!!

At the end of each day at work, I add to my daily page in the journal, a few lines about how something went well. Maybe it was a child with pneumonia who was successfully treated and finally discharged, or suturing post-accident victims. One of the problems that we rural doctors, often face is the lack of proper facilities and difficulty in the referral of the sick patients. Most of the time, we are the only attending doctors 24 x 7 and many a time, we hardly have any specialists or consultants available at hand. So on journaling these events, when we read the pages at some point later in the year, we realize that despite the meager facilities and lack of consultants available, we prayed and tried to do our best. It’s that view that helps us take each day as it comes.

So after nearly a week of madness, I get a couple of days off; with another GP covering for me. The real mantra behind facing the “problems” of the day especially at work or even at home, depends on how we look at it. We can either crib about our resources, our preparations and how unprepared we are. Or we can face it headlong and take the days as they come. It’s your choice how you want to look at it.


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through five yrs of med school, and now taking a 2 yr break before post-grad working in mission hosp in India; 'm one of ur norm' everyday ppl. Nothing dramatic goin' on in my life, but it's not so quiet either. Just "a lot of happenings". So, hi there n Have a great day :) View all posts by ....the little thread of thoughts

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