A bit about the “Royal Wedding” and fairy-tales….

The royal wedding held on the grounds of the Westminister Abbey, London; was one of the most widely viewed weddings. Unfortunately, due to hospital on-call, I had to watch a taped show of the royal wedding.The gowns, the ceremony, the exchange of rings, it all brings back memories of weddings; of friends and family. I don’t know what it is about weddings, but there’s something about them. Maybe it’s because it’s all about starting a new chapter in each one’s personal journey of life.

Since childhood, I always likened weddings to fairytales. Recollecting the fairy tales of childhood, the Princess and the Frog, Sleeping Beauty  and add to it many more, they lead to dreams of happily-ever afters. No matter how many tales of Spider-man or He-man or even G.I.Joe are brought in, all the little girls often read at some point of time in their childhood, one of the princess-prince fairytales. As for the boys, ‘m guessing it might be Jack and the Beanstalk they may begin reading with or the Brer Rabbit series ( though ‘m pretty sure they all would have watched Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Cindrella, etc…. made a deal with my nephews, they spilled the beans!! Hah!!).

Unfortunately, later growing up, we learn that life is no fairytale, specially weddings. Though after a few years of wedded bliss, life tends to get back to normalcy. Family, kids and add to it, a career; no matter how tiresome the day may get to be, coming back home after a long day at work puts you in a totally different mood. In my view, a house with kids, laughter and large family gatherings, completes a person. No boat can sail smoothly through unchartered waters, but that’s what all relationships are about. Making through till the end, until the bit of “death do us part”!! Though sometimes, when parting becomes inevitable, still thinking of theinitial days brings a few memories,alt least some of the days of happiness .Frankly, I love fairy tales, especially the happily ever afters. Though life doesn’t exaclty echo the storyline of the fairytales, it does say that, one day, we will all have a happy ending. It’s all about finding your dreams,never losing your optimism and living your hope. The rest shall follow. Unless you stir the coffee, the sugar crystals at the botttom of your cup won’t dissolve. And that’s what life involves, making and stirring your own cup of coffee.


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