“Geronimo EKIA”, What happens next ?!

 The past decade has been an onslaught of a series of wars, of which some where under the banner  of “War on terror”. And so on May 2nd declared  in Washington, at 11:30pm,  by the president, at  the end of the 40-minutes special operations’, the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks O.B.L. was  declared dead !!!The whole uncertainity lies in the wariness of what happens next ? Every action  has a reaction is what history teaches; the fact about the reaction being equal in intensity to the  action varies. Though each time, in the  end, the common man bears the brunt of it all-even if it  be “the action” or “the reaction” !!

True, in the end justice has to be met and actions have to be accounted for. But in the end, a child who lost both parents in the 9/11 won’t have their parents back ? Nor will the children who were orphaned during the Iraq Wars have their lives back on track?! The main consolation is that, at least the main planner of 9/11 attacks has not gone scot-free. Yet, many others can arise in his place and take over, many other organisations can be set up but , that all lies in the uncertainity of what happens, something that I definitely don’t want to contemplate on !!

Life was never in your hands to give so neither it is to take. Yet justice has to be met, where ever required. Although, contrarily no  one can predict when life gets snatched beneath your feet !! That’s the ironicity of life !! Thus, post-“Geronimo EKIA” ( Geronimo Enemy Killed in Action ; the code message conveyed to the President Obama to inform him that the Al Qaeda chief, O.B.L. has been killed and for a fact that the real Geronimo can in no way be connected to O.B.L. ); the whole world is waiting with bated breath and on complete alert; what will the aftermath be? What will “the reaction” enresult in ?!!


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