What happens when you click on “publish” ?!

Scanning through the articles in the Sunday Express Magazine, one article that caught my eye was regarding the modes of distributing your stress, whether it is regarding work, or life, or family or whatever else it may be.

What brought to my mind while reading the article, was that one of the modes of “destressing” is to jot down the daily events. Recently, I have started “e-diarying”(includes blogging, e-journaling, and all other names that I have missed….). Considering the volumes of journals and diaries stored in the attic back at home, it seemed a better alternative to avoid all the clutter.

Nevertheless, comparing the two de-stressor techniques,  the “after-effect” is the same. Almost the same. Putting down the frowns and tiredness, the worries, the fears, the happiness and the silent miracles, the blessings; all help in gearing up and facing tomorrow. But as I already said, it’s almost the same.

“E-diarying” again can be as what I call it, the ones that I type and store it in password locked encrypted folders, or the ones that I hit the publish button once when I finish typing down my thoughts, mood swings, observations, experiences ; rather everything and almost anything under the sun. Here lies the difference in, “almost”. Writing diaries and journals is fun, but e-diarying is better.

Why so ? Maybe it’s because when I click on the “publish” icon, or when I press “enter”, my post is shared across the networks. Frankly speaking, I don’t have any idea of who gets to see my post, or who reviews it, unless and until the reader “likes” it or comments on it.

But what I do believe is that on saying it out aloud, there would be someone who realizes that they are alone in their journey. That help or inspiration is still around. That all beauty is not lost. That hope still beckons for a new day, a fresh start. And most of all, though we each feel that we are alone; in reality we are part of a larger map, a larger plan. It’s the trying-to-find-your-own-niche part that gets tedious. Yet, on the road, along the way, there will always be someone to lend a hand. Someone whom you can look at, rather read and pick yourself up. Little steps that finally reaches the door.

Kind of reminds me of the movie, Julie and Julia, the story is of how a working lady Julie tries her hand in French cuisine by referring to Julia Child’s cookbooks, over a years’ time.  She resorted to blogging her daily culinary attempts. Success or failure, she posted a day-by-day account. Some days, there were readers, some days there were none. Some told her to keep up the efforts, some didn’t. But what if, she inspired someone to try their hand at something different ?!

We all need reminders in between to stay on the path. By reading reflections and experiences as they are posted, gives the reader the outlook, “Hey, life can also be like that !!!” Though I firmly draw a line regarding writing courtesy and privacy, each one has their own views which they want to share or “e-send” it out to the world. Those who want the answers, shall find it.

Hence, for now, I have figured it out, as to the additional benefits of “e-diarying’ . At times, I feel that resorting to the old way of pen and paper journaling is better. But, then again it’s always interesting to see, what happens after you click on the “publish” icon?!


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