De-cluttering crisis : the music tapes !!

Ah, great, even for garage sales they have gone out of fad. I was trying to disperse a part my collection of audio tapes. Don’t get me wrong. I am crazy about my music collection. But some of them have to go (Space and I are at war). Yet even for free, they hardly sold. Music of the 80-s and 90-s has not faded, but the tapes sure have gone out of demand. Which brings me to the thought : is it already the by-gone era for the music tapes ?!! I must say, that technology has progressed real fast. 

Well, after the i-pod and the mp4 players, who would want to lug around a tape-recorder and a bundle of cassettes. You want volume for the party, the amplifiers and speakers will do. Besides, for the latest videos and albums, on-line purchase gets you the tracks faster than even when you order the audio-cd’s, leave out the tapes. And talk about space, the only reason I am even thinking of parting with a part of my audio-tape collection (not the priceless ones!!) is to de-clutter. Unlike the gramophone, no way the tape-recorder neither the tapes are going to be ancient relics, even centuries later. Less likely.

Yet, I agree there is a different feel when you hold a music tape in hand. Recordings. Your own personalized collection of songs. Attempts at forming my own band. And the numerous dance numbers. The Saturday night gigs. But, when I asked the teens in my family. Tapes, they are too tedious. Now cd’s that’s better. Still better are the i-pods. Well, honestly I prefer the latter these days.

Ah now that all roads leading to their exit from my collection is closed, the next agenda to create more space in the basement, if feasible. Wasn’t it Napoleon who said that, impossible is a word that doesn’t exist. Er, I beg to differ. My basement doesn’t agree. Space is impossible, unless you win the war for it !!!


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