Few realizations about the “unexpected”….

There used to be this common phrase echoed throughout my childhood, “to always be ready to face the unexpected.” Surprising though in fact, when you consider that unexpected is something that you are totally unprepared for. How then can you face it?!

And Gran’s view that, “Everything happens for a reason. You just do your bit and sop standing there and wondering. Life goes on and time won’t wait.”

There are many days that I often wonder why did it have to happen like this? What if I had chosen to say to “no”, would this sequence of events would have entailed so, in this manner. That’s what I guess most of us do.

When something out of the way happens, first is the emotion of disbelief, no it’s not true. Maybe you have heard it wrong. Maybe it was not meant to be for us. May be there is another person similar by name and age.

Then is the next stage of shock. Or rather denial, why did it happen to me? Ironic fact is that, news is always easier to digest as long as we are not the victim. Somehow, good or bad, when it happens in the unexpected manner, we are bound to deny it first. Even if someone, said I won the state lottery, I would first be in shock. And it would lead to me checking the numbers an ‘n’ number of times, fervently praying that I am not the victim of some prank.

And then finally, we accept the news. The trend which I have noticed, good or most often the bad, any news that comes out of the blue, takes us by surprise. Which is quite a genuine reaction, considering the fact that, the news was not an expected one. But what I feel is more important, is how we react to it, or rather how we deal with it, which influences the outcome of the “news”.

Fair or unfair, certain times of life feels like, I’m in the “lucky dip”. Sometimes, life gives you the same option twice; sometimes it gives you an entirely new opportunity. Most of the time, we miss the latter, ‘cause we are still grieving for the one chance that went by. What I have seen, or rather experienced is that what is gone, is gone. What has happened has happened. You can’t change back the hands of time. In that case, most of us would have been living in that same year. When something happens, that we absolutely have no control over, it’s better to live through it and make the best of what we have got in our hands.

For someday, everything will make perfect sense. About why it happened so, was it worth it and more importantly, the answer to the
question, why me. Till that moment arrives, for now, live the moments. Laugh whenever you can, through the confusion, the tears, and even the surprises. Smile for the pure joy of the moments. Not only for the sake of baring your teeth (though at times, that’s what is necessary), but smile from within. For the pure happiness of the moments. And once in a while, keep reminding ourselves that everything happens for a reason.

For by the time we reach the end of the road, the final phase, the answers will start coming. Realizations dawning on us. Though, it shouldn’t be too late, so as to miss the best parts of the journey, what it has to teach us and share with us.


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