Newton’s third law in “real life”….

During high school days, most of us used to wish why Newton didn’t just eat the apple, and format his three laws years later, just so that we could have less to study about in high school. Well, that was the “high school stage” then. Interestingly, I have recently thinking about Newton’s third law, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” From the physics point of view, it has been the uncontested law, underlining the basis of a number of principles, concepts and mechanic-dynamics. (Welcome back, Endeavour). From the thinking point of philosophy, especially at the work place, I think “the action-reaction-provocation” dynamics holds true.

Bringing into view the usual scenario at work, someone does a wonderful job or a project, which has been felicitated and has resulted in a slew of projects for the company or as I would rather say, for the management. That is the action. There are those set of co-workers and employees who would better themselves and try to bring laurels to their respective departments and projects. The forthright, healthy competitive ones. The reaction-part one.

Then as every coin has two sides, and every object in space, has the three-dimensional side; so are the other set of employees. The ones who try to find out the flaws in “the one with the laurel”. Suddenly, the latter’s past, present and the future in the professional and personal aspects come into focus. Somehow, one can’t fathom why those two parts of life can’t be kept separate. That is the reaction-part two. Though I would rather term it as, “the provocation.”

Dealing with the provocateurs, is no way an easy task. They attach a magnifying lens to your every scribble and scrawl. And a
microscope to your every step, looking to see if there is something of valuable while cross-examine the foot-print  and sifting through the dirt. Usually, they try to stir up trouble. You say a word, it becomes a story!! Stick to a line, it becomes an epic!! Staying silent is the best recourse, but expressivity can’t be curbed so easily. Writing it on a piece of paper and dumping it in the waste-bin at work is a no-no option. ‘Cause the next thing you know, it would be up on the bulletin. In short reacting to them would incite further trouble, unrepairable and absolutely catastrophic.

So how to handle “the provocateurs’”. Another “action or reaction” is required or not. There are two questions that I first consider. One, are they worth it? More importantly, is it worth stirring up the hornet’s nest?  Secondly, does it involve in me getting my chair thrown down? If the answers to the questions go by the sequence of a no-yes basis, then it’s better to go for the tactic, “conveniently deaf mode”.  Initially it is difficult to tune down all the nonsense, but then as encounters increases, entering the tone-deaf mode isn’t as difficult as it looks.

It’s not only at work the problem arises. Shopping at some mega-marts and malls is a headache. Sometimes, sales-people eat your brains out. And at times, I give up on the task of filing a complaint at the store. Let’s say it’s not worth getting my nerves riled up all over again. And sometimes, there crops up the “occasional noisy or nosy next-door”. Going into the encounters with them would result in the framework of a novel.

At your convenience, Ignorance is bliss. It works best in certain occasions. If Newton’s third law were to work out in daily life, it would be a series of “blind and toothless folks” around (An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth!!). So turning a blind eye and a deaf ear, works wonders. And believe me, it make the day less hassling.

Lines have to be drawn so that people won’t cross over you so easily and say gibberish. But a couple of rumors, no concrete words and absolutely, no beneficial outcomes, then refrain works best.

In fact, “no response to the provocation” is pretty interesting to watch. Adds a feather to your cap at work, and a personal smile. No point in wasting your day over trifles and aspirin strips. They have long-term side effects. Besides, your tenure on earth is limited. No date has been. So why waste your time on trifles? Shrug off the unimportant. Life is short. Besides, as I firmly believe, it’s just not worth it.  


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