Just another five minutes, please….

The other day as we were about to start off a presentation, I overheard the presenter hoping for a desperate additional five minutes. Well she got her extra five minutes, thanks to the technical difficulties. And as for the presentation, it went well.

What this incident brought to my mind, were the thoughts of a “precious five minuter”. I not your “exactly-on-the-dot” person. If there was a meeting to be held, I’m either early by ten minutes, or late by five minutes. If the cards are in my hand, it’s usually the latter. A presentation, and I’m all for an additional five minutes o prep up. Growing up, five minutes meant a lot to me.

School days. Five minutes. The time it took me to pack my bag, finish my morning breakfast and catch the school bus. Five minutes past the bedtime hour, to finish my homework. Five minutes, to cram up the lesson before the exam starts. Five minutes, additional warm up time before the athletics began.

Five minutes more to chat on the bus, before we get down. If school was a walk back home, five minutes more to chat at the gate, before we went in. Five minutes, more time to stay in the pool. Best were the additional precious, five minutes more at grandma’s place, five minutes more at the beach, five minutes more at the mall.

Fast forward to present, “five minutes more”, still holds. Its needed most when assignments have to be submitted by the hour, reports to be finished, investigations to be sent and filed. Presentations to start and worst, is when they ask you to wind up in five minutes. I end up in super fast-forward phase and then five minutes, becomes eventually ten.

Five minutes to leave my quarters and get to the hospital in time. Five minutes more before the morning rounds and evening rounds start off. Most precious five minutes cram-up time before the exam starts still holds. But the most needed five minutes, are the ones of the alarm when I hit the snooze button!!!

I don’t what’s the power behind the five-minutes. Agreed that nothing much can be achieved in five minutes, yet some times the most crucial events take place in five minutes. Or better still, sometimes at the end of five minutes, it feels like one hour has been crammed in it. The art of five minutes, perhaps.

So, when someone says, “Just another five minutes, please!!! I’m all for it.” I may not be able to do much in five minutes, but “post the precious five minutes” period I get the feeling that the day won’t be so bad. And generally, that holds true.

Though sometimes, I wonder if there are any other “five-minuters”are out there.



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