Each day, to it’s worth….

It has been a hectic day with a devastating end. The bad news from the home-front, that one of our neighbourhood families, Uncle Peter had met with a hit-and-run accident, and though the ambulance arrived promptly, he didn’t make it. He was a happy-go-lucky guy, with a ready smile and a helping hand. Who could ever predict that when he left work for the evening, it would be his last day? Did his wife know that he wouldn’t make it for supper? And David and Susan, no more evenings with dad? True, but it’s the memories, that’s all what they have now, all what they have that they can hold on to.

Death. It’s sometimes expected, but more often it’s unexpected. Yet, no matter how it comes, it’s always devastating.

Life. It’s so unpredictable. So precious and fragile. You are here one minute, and the next minute you are not. It’s just over. You never know if the “goodbye” you say, is the last. And sometimes, you aren’t given a chance to say goodbye, what then?!

Sad but true, but that is the unpredictability of life. Which is why I guess you can’t keep your dreams and plans on hold. True, planning is a must, but procrastination isn’t. More importantly, time for family and friends as well as work, each sector has to receive its due. Workaholics regret the time lost with family and those, who squander away opportunities, regret their loss. Yet, sometimes it’s too late.

What’s worse is the moving on phase. The phase after you lose someone. You try to pick up the pieces, but somehow the view ahead is blurred. You try to get things in focus, but you are still holding on to the memories. You try to bring back the hours; to let things fall into but somehow time comes to a stand-still.

Eventually, life goes on, things back in track and so each day will go ahead till you are called. Yet, it’s not the same. It’ll never be the same. I guess, that’s why sometimes, we all say life sucks. Life, at times is unfair and mean. Yet, in spite of all the anger, unfairness and helplessness, life goes on. It doesn’t stop, not for anybody; for nobody.

I remember what granny said in her days, “Dear, each day is like a new dawn. It gives a chance to do something. To give a part of yourself, to your work, family and friends. But you don’t have much time. For in the blink of an eye, it’ll be all gone. What you will leave behind is memories. Memories, which are a part of your legacy.” I miss Granny’s words, at times. And most of all, her presence. What she always said was true.

Death sometimes, is an eye opener. Of how rare and precious life is. I guess it serves as a reminder how not to just squander away time and life. It makes us appreciate the importance of life, the worth of living. As what life always teaches, by human nature, we rarely appreciate anything unless and until it is taken away from us. I guess, the point what death is trying to bring across, is to live life. Each day according to it’s worth.

I guess we all get an allotted time in life, but we never know for how long it is. So while I can, I guess I’ll just do my bit. After, my legacy, or rather my story to the world, that’s what I can leave behind. And that is my say, for today.




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