To you Dad, Happy Father’s Day !!!

I have sat on this post for the past two days, contemplating a lot over the memories, the days of ‘yore and the present. So putting down my lessons, emotions and memories into words, this post is about my Dad. And it’s in a way; for all the dads in the world, including my cousins and my uncles.

Dear Dad. It’s not easy putting it in words. The silent lessons taught by you, the memories and your presence. Growing up, there were a lot of things you taught me. And most of the time, though you never say much; you’re still always around, lending a hand and your support.

During the early years, when I was still in my cradle, Mom used to say that Dad used to be scared to hold me. After I turned one year of age, then there was no putting me down. Born into silent mischief, is what I would say my childhood was all about. And I did give my Dad a couple of gray hairs along the way.

Through the years, there were a number of things that Dad had taught me. About life. About dreams. About family. About love. About work. And about many other aspects of the path and the journey on the road.

Dream strong, dream big. Dad had a lot of dreams in life. But one thing he never failed to do was to plan. To plan for the future, to see ahead. He never panicked during the crisis. All the ups and downs he faced them. Even when the downs came, he would put his dreams on hold, only for a while and then catch up with them.

No pain, no gain. Dad is a chronic workaholic but he would not rest till he got what he wanted. That was one of the first lessons of life that he taught me. It was always his policy to say that hard work never hurt anybody and twiddling your thumbs will just increase your stress levels. It’s not only about staying focused, but shifting through till you finding the right focus.

Family first. No matter how busy he was, Dad still kept a tab on all of us. True, he was not much of a talker but he used to be around.
Stage programs, award functions, races , matches, whatever was the event, Mom used to be the frontrunner but somewhere in the crowd Dad would be there and if he couldn’t make it, he used to make certain that we had re-told the entire event in words or he caught the video or pictures of it. And weekends, was one time when we would all hang out, either the malls, theatres or the beach. I guess, it’s there in most of the families, but knowing the amount of paperwork and travel trips that my Dad makes in a day, a day with him minus work, is priceless.

Never judge. If you disagree, say it quiet and firmly. Dad was a master of tact and diplomacy. Not much of a talker, he was and is always a silent observer. And I must say, very watchful, which was ability specially needed during our teen years. He was never the one to jump to conclusions, whatever may be the matter. Always weighing the pros and the cons, he would reserve his opinions till the end, waiting for the right time. And that was the trick to bringing our childhood temper tantrums under control.

Jump into the moment. Have fun. Take risks, but plan them, whenever possible. Contrary to the usual risk-taker view, my Dad used to take risks and chances but he used to always do a fast-forward view before discussing with Mom. But once on a track, he would never look back. I remember the time, when he had to expand the company in Sudan and stay there for a while. It was a while before he got used to the language, but there were tales of fun in his emails to home. The cooking adventures were the first. Followed by the laundry and the rest of the household chores. It was just a matter of finding joy and surprises in the daily chores as well.

This is just a gist of what my Dad has taught me. But the best part is that, no matter how busy he is and no matter where he is, he still keeps tabs on all of us. Right now, I am nostalgic for the days of ‘yore, but I guess I can never get them back. Longing for a long leave, I can’t wait to go back and be with the family. Though, I have kind of left the nest, the lessons, the memories and the times shall stay.

And Dad, after these many years, all I want to say for now, is Happy Father’s Day.


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