Getting a to be thirteen-year-old a b’day present….

Birthdays are special days. It rings in the celebrations, the parties, and the b’day presents and even if I am miles away from home, I still get the invites. And there is one happening in three days time. Meet my twelve-year-old niece who is going to turn thirteen, crazy about rock, presently into the hip-hop style of dressing, secretly trying to learn driving from her brother, getting shades of red and blue post basketball matches (all the while giving her mother i.e. my cousin palpitations) and is secretly an avid book reader. Well, that’s my niece.

Deciding on a gift for a to-be-thirteen year old is mighty difficult. Getting a DVD or cd’s of her favourite bands is kind of weird, ‘coz she has them all, thanks to the on the spot downloading options and the Amazon options. And unless I have an autographed DVD or tickets to a concert, it’s pointless getting into the rock music side.

A trip to my hometown or maybe weekend outdoor trip, say camping would be fine; if I weren’t miles away. So that option’s out.

Shopping. Now that is one thing that we girls, at least most of us, love to indulge in. Miles away, I frankly, have no idea what’s in her wardrobe and what’s not. It’s pointless getting her the same thing. Maybe asking her to order and choose from the catalogues would be an option, but that kind of spoils the surprise.

Well here I am running out of options. So the next best thing to do is to go online and start hunting. I never know what I may find. It’s not easy finding something that wouldn’t result in my cousin going into frenzy or my grandma calling me up saying, “She’s just a kid!!” Hah. The last time, I got her a guitar and since then, I have been getting shriek calls from my cousin.

Now, there’s this option of getting her a leather-bound collection of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Either that or the Harry Potter series. Ah well, she’s a kid but she is an avid reader. Now which reader wouldn’t love to own a book series? Too old for her age. May be not. Hey, the movies are out; so if you have seen the movie, why not read the book. But, not trendy. Yes, books are definitely not trendy for non book lovers. Besides with Kindle around, hard solid books are getting out of fad. But, I prefer books to be held in hand once in a while.

Let me remember, the best b’day gift that I got as a twelve-year-old was my own cd player. That was like almost a decade ago. It’s definitely not an option now. Besides, she already has an iPod. A birthday gift when she turned eleven.

Great, I am in awesome fix. Three days more. Need a surprise. So, what do you get a twelve-year-old that is cool, trendy and something that she doesn’t have and something that won’t send my cousin sister into frenzy?!!

What was the best birthday gift that you got as a twelve-year-old?


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4 responses to “Getting a to be thirteen-year-old a b’day present….

  • vix @ LME

    I’d love bound copies of HP 🙂 Maybe vouchers then you can’t get told off by anyone!

  • Ivy Blaise

    oh that is a tricky one. A voucher from her favorite place… not super exciting but might work. If you want to make your niece happy at this age and the coming years..I’m afraid you will have to focus on stuff her mum won’t like. 🙂

    • ....the little thread of thoughts

      I have followed your advice. 🙂 I have decided and already “fedex-ed” the things that my cousin has said her a “stern no” to ( bribed my cousin with a Prada tote meanwhile !!). Trouble for me, but it’s worth hearing all the rants from my cousin at this point. I can’t make my niece unhappy on her special day !!

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