Face-off or… just ignore the itch ?!

Of late, my mood has been sour. To be precise, I have been having a constant itch under my skin for the past one day. Interestingly, with the monsoons in full swing here, it’s not the regular kind of bug bites that can be dealt with anti-inflammatory medications or repellants. It’s more of a people kind.

If there is one thing I dislike like more than “nosy Parker” is someone who doesn’t ask a question outright but rather asks ten different people who know the person concerned. And oh yes, eventually the news reaches the concerned and “the itching” starts.

As far as work or even neighborhood is concerned, I ‘m not much of a talker and definitely, I’m not one to flash details of my private or professional life. I don’t like being a walking radio station!! But, if you ask me something outright, I‘ll definitely answer.

To cure “the itch”, means confronting the person but sometimes, I feel what the point of it is. The chance of such a similar situation not happening again is slim. So, how do I stop the itching?

Three options my best pals suggested.

“The art of ignoring the person who had initiated the rumor. Especially if the person is just an associate more or less, not a real friend. After all, no point getting your nerves riled over someone unimportant.”

“Or to ignore the irritation of the itch by diverting my mind. Maybe mentally indulging in the hanging of the concerned would help.”

“Or confrontation, which may or may not put an end to the problems.”

As of now, I am totally undecided. One thing for sure, I can’t waste my time on this. Need to bring my mood back to normal.

I wonder what anyone else would do in a situation like this. What would you do?


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