Lights. Action. Shadows.

One of the worst monsoon backlashes around here is when the power cables trip over and loud sounds reach us living around the block. Eagerly, we residents rushed around to hear the real cause of the tinker-boom-crash. Unfortunately, there was no metal structure getting up post-transformation, (after effects of the trailer of Transformers 3, I guess). What we saw was our neighborhood transformer sputtering and fuming away to glory. Then, it was lights out. Black out.

Approximately, ten minutes later it was greetings from the skies. I think it was more of a display of talents, from the rain, thunder and lightning tin full momentum. And to add to it, it was pitch black everywhere. It was definitely a wrong time to have given the back-up power inverter for repairs.

Now how to keep my five year old neice, from not screaming and cowering under the table?

Pitch black was disrupted by the candlelight. And to beat it, the setting was not even near romantic. Well, nothing has ever been more entertaining than that. So the remainder of the night, till the power was restored was spent in animated actions.

Yes, the shadow faces were back. And Joanne came out of her hiding. Apparently, I hadn’t lost the art of my high school drama days.

The interesting thing about candlelight, or even light for that matter, is the location of the source and where you stand with respect to it. In front of you, when the focus is strong, the shadows fall back and you don’t get to see them. If it’s above you, you are enveloped in shadows but they don’t overwhelm you. Behind you, if the light lies, long shadows will be thrown across the path.

Sometimes, on the road, shadows may be the only accompaniment but just let them fall behind you.
Else, it would be too dark a path to cross.

Well, that’s all for now about my philosophy of light, life and shadows.
Meanwhile, thank goodness technology’s way with laptop battery and emergency lanterns. Kind of puts flashlights at a secondary level.


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