Sparks and Fire, playing it safe…

Matches and Fire. Just takes minutes to go into full blast. Sometimes, you don’t even need matches for one to start. Just a spark, which can be from the electrical wiring, or the kitchen gas stove (arsonists go nuts about it) or even candles.

Yet the most interesting bit is that, it can all happen in a second. Before, anyone can even say, voila!!

Well, bringing it down to daily life, it just takes a spark to fan the flames and bring the fire to full hilt. Playing safe is not easy. I personally feel it’s kind of tacky. Many a time, the same technique won’t work more than once.

In fact, relationships are sometimes way too funny or maybe even weird to understand. You want to be blunt and to the point, but you can’t hurt someone else’s sentiments. Worse is when you are not even directly involved in the issue, but you have been called to negotiate.

So to play it safe, I kind of follow three rules. Something that life has taught me to believe in.

Don’t promise when happy. Believe me, when the happiness is over, and reality sinks in, you’ll feel like a pricked balloon.

Don’t reply when you are sad. Ah words, is there any other powerful weapon than them. They can be both instantaneous devices of disagreement or can run through your veins like slow poison.

Don’t decide when you are sad. That’s one additional reason to sink beyond the depths of depression. It’s better to safe now than sorry later on.

Life is short. Personally, I would like to tell the “itches” and “itchers” to mind their own business, but I know that at some point in  the future, I’ll need them. So, a highly diplomatic mode of response and reaction is safe and beneficial in the future.

Maybe this is the way that life teaches us about imperfections and to look beyond them. Or maybe it’s about limiting one’s expectations about and from people.

What do you say?


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4 responses to “Sparks and Fire, playing it safe…

  • crayzys

    I have read this post now six times. Each time I pick a small piece and think on it. I can feel the wisdom… yet…

    Could you add three “Do’s” to your “Don’ts”? The “Don’ts” implies my reactions might be regrettable. “Do’s” say I am in charge and can define boundaries.

    Can you help me SWITCH from re-active to pro-active? Turn my switch ON with three “Do’s” please.

    Or are the ‘maybes’ in your conclusion the “Do’s” ?

    An Overthinker.

    • ....the little thread of thoughts

      Well, I was in a “regret-ish phase” at the start of framing the rules. Penning the rules brought back memories of that phase. So conclusively, the end is with maybe’s, ie.”the suggestible do’s” . In the end, the reader makes his or her own do’s. Mine are just suggestions.

      Hope your switch is turned on to pro-active.

      Maybe, next time would be a lot more of ” Why don’t you”..or maybe I think I’ll just stick to maybe’s..feels more right… 🙂

  • crayzys

    “Maybe’s” dwell in the realm of possibilities. So you are probably right. Each must define the self. One does always wonder… Seek outside when the answers are within. One always wants a delivery confirmation though.

    Stay with your gut. It always seems the best guideline.

    Best always, Jean

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