Expecting the unexpected….

As like the end of Charles Dickens’ novel, Great Expectations, all I can say that, no matter how old we grow or how civilized we become
or how many cultures we form a part of; if we keep strong expectations, we ultimately tend to indulge in disappointments.

It isn’t a new thing. Being human, we naturally tend to depend on those close to us, friends and family. But sometimes, when both sides don’t see eye to eye, disappointments and disagreements come to surface. The funny fact is that, we all have certain “expected responses” from certain people. So when the expected doesn’t turn out to run its course, plans go hay-wire and heated opinions become rampant.

Sometimes, it feels easier not to keep any hopes in other people. But that seems silly. It’s only when we have expectations from each other that there is a purpose to keeping the connections. In a way, expectations help to keep the relationships going.

 Yet, the less we expect others to do, the better we perform. Or the happier we feel.

Maybe, it’s about stepping into the other person’s shoes and seeing from their point of view. After all, one can never underestimate the capacity of another human being to have exactly the same shortcomings that you have.

Keeping the balance between expectations and hopes is not easy, especially when the tilt is more towards, agreeing to disagree. When the aim is shifted to finding common ground, no matter how many expectations run through one’s mind, it doesn’t always necessarily turn to disappointments.


Life is a bit about indulging in expectations and hopes, and yet, at the same time, keeping room for disappointments, complacency, changes and new hopes, as well.

 What do you say?


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2 responses to “Expecting the unexpected….

  • crayzys

    Your logic flows well. Like the term ‘expected response’.

    Especially liked this part:

    “When the aim is shifted to finding common ground, no matter how many expectations run through one’s mind, it doesn’t always necessarily turn to disappointments.”

    And when you KEEP FINDING **NEW** COMMON GROUND wonder remains in the relationship.

    Thanks for your perspective.


    • ....the little thread of thoughts

      As you said, finding more “new” common ground sustains the relationship even better. After all, it’s easy to break away than trying to compromise ( at least to a certain extent).

      And even though it is often said that, every thing and every one is replaceable, no one person is the carbon copy of the other.

      And that is what makes each person and every relationship unique of its own accord.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      Have a nice day.


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