What’s your pick ?!

Some days we get to make our own choices, but some days we don’t. Many a time, things may often go out of hand. But, like every coin there are at least two different ways, if not more, in which any problem can be faced, or any issue addressed. Sometimes, it seems futile.

Yet, at times when we look back, in effect everything happens for a reason. Each event of our life, each lesson that we learn and our experiences, all have their own say in the due course of the journey, as the events unfold.

But each time, the scales are more or less balanced. If one beam rises, the other falls. Yet, to crib or not, is our choice. As said, you can make the best of what you have got or you can throw it away to the wind and have regrets for the time lost.

A part of it lies in your hands. As often seen or rather experienced, once missed, the wind bringing it back again is a mere chance happening. The best course; take your chances, both losses and gains, in stride and with a smile. At least, may be that is a better alternative to whines and wasted hours.

What do you think ?




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