The way of words….

“It was a supererogate piece of work.” 

“ Though, I must say that at least he wasn’t a wittol.”

“Nope, he was just a drysalter who loved his cyclogiro.”

Interestingly, the above dialogues would have made sense if I was in the 1900’s or the early 20th century.

That’s what happens to words which become extinct.  The Collins Dictionary experts have been busy trying to compile words which were used once upon a time and have now become obsolete.

Studying the trends of the English language,  the recent updates of the Oxford Dictionary have  implied that technology and Interent-lingo are definietly here to say. Phrases like top kill, shovel ready and words like “phwoah” have graced the pages of OED. And with the global economy going haywireand technology going full swing, initialism has picked up. And with various diverse linguistics in the daily speak, Japan has given us hentai  and kleftiko from Greece. And yes the words sa’ab and sahib still feature in the English Dailies.

Yet with official acceptance of words like fnarr, woot, ka-ching, OMG, LOL and the list is endless….all I can say is that- voila- the power of social media.

Though sometimes, I just hope with all the abbreviations we just don’t forget the usage and “spellings” of real words.

Anyways, as with the evolution of language, the changing trends i.e. modern linguistics are pretty interesting. (New Words Nook has a lot to say !!)

While for us, writers and readers alike, imagination does have a way with words or is it vice-versa ?!

What does thou think about it ?




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