Have you ever seen a tightrope walker at work ?

Have you ever seen a tightrope walker at work? (Well, I am not talking about the TR Walker syndrome.) I’m talking about a real tightrope walker, the performing artiste type.

Just imagine walking on a thread like thing and that too, with no solid ground directly beneath your feet. Instead, what is there is a blanket of thin air or even a blazing fire below; for that is what attracts the crowds.

True, they do hold the stick for balance, but if it were that easy, why doesn’t every one try to do it?

And, with the risk of falling and a probability of landing with a broken spine, not many would attempt to do it? I really admire them.

A week ago, I got to meet a few performing trapeze artistes. They were a part of the troupe, which was setting up a circus camp on the outskirts of the city.

Curious as ever, I asked them what makes them do it? What keeps them steady in spite of the crowds, the tense anticipation in the air and the fact that below you is just thin air.

Well, the training begins way back from childhood. Most of the time, the art is taught through the families that do it. And the confidence builds up slowly. Though, it’s not easy to get your focus straight and maintaining your nerves, especially with the crowds edging you on.

Is there any trick to do the act through?

You don’t think of falling. It’s natural to have that fear, but can’t lend an ear to it. You just think of balance and keep going. Before you know it you have reached the end. The real trick is that you have to enjoy it.

Well, I can relate to that bit. Last year, when a couple of us, friends went for a weekend, riverside camp; it was filled with rock climbing, trekking and river rafting, and oh yes cliff jumping. For me, except trekking, the rest were a first. Though initially scary, it was not so. Risks were involved but the point is you have to enjoy it. That’s where the fun lies.

I guess that’s why everyone doesn’t end up going for adventure sports!!


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