Playing the “waiting game”…

For the past one hour, I have been stuck with “the tapping foot-syndrome” and five minutes ago, it changed to “the typing fingers” situation. It is kind of automatic movement and frankly speaking, it is definitely a good alternative to verbally blowing off some steam. This is what happens when you solely rely on the rail service, for long distance commute. My train has decided to announce its arrival on my platform, an hour late than the scheduled time (Great!!); it’s been sixty minutes and ten minutes, i.e. an hour plus ten minutes and still no sign!!It’s not just about rail service, flights often get rescheduled and the traffic sucks especially during work hours, (deadly weekdays!!). On foot, is the fastest and easiest mode, provided you can place your feet on the footpath amidst the hordes of shuffling feet.

Oh, if only we could all sprout wings and fly? Then again, there is a chance for air traffic could be even worse. So much for wishful thinking!!

It’s not just traffic, the dentist’s chair, appointments for the doctor, standing in long queue for paying the bills, collecting receipts and for movie tickets on the day of first release. Even the morning deli across the hospital has a long queue for the morning orders of take-away breakfast, tea or coffee. I really hate the queue (food is great!!).

So what are the possible ways to kill time while waiting? I don’t have kids, at least not right now. No mall nearby for window shopping. I have read the newspaper for the day.  What next?  Ah well, let me speculate on the possible ways to “play the waiting game”. Here are my picks.

  1. Newspapers. They really come to the rescue. With loads to do, besides the front pages; there is the crossword to solve, the Sudoku to do, the editorials. Quite a wallop packed in for an hour. For evening commuters, this option is out. So an alternative is to get hold of a book, a journal, a magazine, a novel or best, an E-reader. (Love my Kindle!!)
  2. Get “hawk eyes”. There is so much happening at the airport, stations and even, in the office lobby. I like the former two. It is quite interesting to observe people. Reactions, emotions and interactions. A lazy eye on the outside, but an active one.
  3. Lists. I’m one of the “list-o-mania” freaks. I love making lists of things to do, grocery lists, autumn shopping lists; you just have to give me five minutes with a pen and absolutely nothing to do. My palm could serve as the paper.
  4.  Decision time. Everyone has a cell phone at hand. Decide on dinner plans, weekend plans, vacation plans…whatever is on the line. Mull over the new remodeling changes required for the house or even contemplate on home repairs. Another option, make the pending social calls. At least, that way no one can say, I can’t find time for you!!
  5.  Day dream. That used to be my favorite past-time while listening to the long speeches especially at school. I used to get lost in the “land of bats and Kryptonite”. I’m a die-hard comic fan. But any dream would do. Besides post-dreaming, it feels good.
  6.  Chat away. Well, if a conversation can click, start away. With the sharing of ideas, anything can happen. And, it’s always nice to meet new people. The only fact to remember is not to get carried away.
  7.  Get your iPod and listen to some creativity. My sister is the music-savvy person in my clan. You would never see her minus her headphones. If it’s not music, then it’s the radio. Me, I like doodling or sketching; then again, I need a pen and paper!!
  8.  Finish off the office work. Thank technology, for the invention of the laptop, the tablet-pc and Galaxy. The smaller, the better. At least, I don’t have to carry work home. The only con in this is that the battery has to last as long as you are waiting.
  9. Start a blog (this is for the non-bloggers) and for us the blogger’s, write a post. That’s where the start of this post comes!!

I guess I won’t be able to make the list to ten. My battery is running out. Ah yes, the announcement for my scheduled train is on. It’s time to wind up. While playing the waiting game, the most important thing is not to lose track of the time. Waiting for something is one aspect, missing what you were waiting is another mêlée’ altogether.

Lastly, would you suggest any more creative ideas to play “the waiting game”? How would you kill the “waiting time”?


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