Ten years and two days ago….

In two days time, it would be ten years since the event. Even today, many have not recovered from the aftermath. It’s not only about 9/11; what about the terror of the 7/7 London attacks, the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and the recent terrorist attack, 9/7 in Delhi. In addition, there are thousands of landmines going off in Afghanistan, parts of Africa. Looking even further into the past, is it still back to normal life for the victims post Hiroshima-Nagasaki and the Pearl Harbor ?

Time and history teaches in-depth, that war is not the answer to all conflicts or issues. Yet, civilization has evolved around war, colonization and revolutions. In all, one thing was outlined; targeting innocent civilians will only trigger more unrest. Frankly speaking, the days have come wherein nothing can be predicted the next minute. What might be a normal day at the office may not end so.

Death and life, they are the two aspects of existence. At the battlefield, death is inevitable. It is feared that all may not return, but yet the hope to do the duty and come back is there. Fighting for your country or the cause is different. Giving up your life for the cause or war is your choice. But targeting innocent bystanders is not; no matter how justifiable the cause may be. The “greater good” is relevant to some, yet when you step back and look at the bigger picture it may not be so. The “greater good” is always a relative concept.  A set of rules and laws have been framed for the purpose of co-existence. Your life is in your hands, but that’s your life alone. It doesn’t give you the right to decide others.

Though what perplexes me the most is that, can you breathe in life into a statue made of sand? Can you by self, create energy or matter out of nothing, and then create someone of your liking? Can you turn millions of years of evolution into a matter of minutes with mere energy? Can you clone yourself or replicate yourself without the aid of any media or stem cells? So if you cannot create life, how can you take someone else’s life away?

Alas, even if explanations’ or remorse comes, the damage is done. It is easy to extinguish a flame, just need one blow of air, or a sudden gush of wind, but lighting it again, is possible. Human life is more than a flame, once out, many a time; even science can’t bring it back.

Someday, there would come a day when we can step out and return safe. Till then, at least we can hope….


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