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Aaaah….what’s that ?!!!

So it’s , ealra hālgena mæssedæg “mass-day of all saints”,the day after tomorrow and eve’ tomorrow, it’s the day of shrieks and scary costumes before the regular phrase of “trick or treat ?!” is heard.

The spooky and supernatural feel of the night…

The crazy Halloween costumes and parties with “Who will Bob the apple?”….

And the fresh smell of baking, the caramel apples, the pumpkin pie and all that candy ( can keep me off the scales  for a long time !!)…

Here post the festival of lights, Diwali, Halloween is like the after-math celebrations.

So, before the day and the night gets’ busy,  it’s A happy Halloween to y’all bloggers and reader’s there.


Of weddings, photo lockets and connections.

Well, here I am; back from last week’s sudden weekend trip back home. It was a totally unplanned and refreshing trip. The sudden trip was due to my cousin’s wedding and no way in the world, would I miss it !!

And it was a weekend of photographs, videos and the garden gatherings…not to forget, the Halloween plans, the autumn harvest and the rolling in the hay. The three-day stay this time was more or less of travel, though I did get to spend time with my grandparents. Which is when, we, i.e. gran and my cousins were bitten by the “photo lockets bug”.

Frankly, I have seen a number of those small family tree stands with the photos of the members hanging from the gold-plated branches. But, not a photo locket. Some how I have always associated them with the Victorian Era or maybe of the days of the 60’s when it was a necessity. There’s a little poetic streak in the quaint little thing. So why not get my own ? I wonder what Gran must be planning on it.

And so post-weekend trip, it was back to work for a week and here I am, blogging; off-call for the weekend and so back at my quarters. Well, what I really feel like is just dozing off. But one thing I have realized from my flash trip is that, no matter how busy I am, taking a second to re-connect with the family is really important. With social networking on full swing mode, staying in touch with my cousins is easy; but I really can’t expect my gran or great aunts and uncles to log on to FB or Twitter. Getting them to view emails and video chat is a miracle indeed. So, it’s back to the old network of land-lines.

Though on a more serious note, it’s important to stay connected. No, it doesn’t only mean always logging on and giving a “poke” or tweeting. It involves hearing someone’s voice and thoughts, once in a while. It involves about asking how their day was. And in a way, actually hearing from them ( not scraps always, but a proper conversation, even if it’s through a series of messages) makes my day better. It’s about keeping the connections secure and strong, and not only about swinging by, once a while. My schedule itself is so tight that most of the time, I am on the run. Yet, a few calls a week won’t be that difficult. Would it ?

Starting over…

Looking back, maybe it’s time to say it’s all over.

Yet, the memories still are fresh.

And even though both the good and the bad parts still come to mind, it’s the latter that comes to the forefront.

Is there any point in “repairing it”? Will it be back to the normal way? Is it not going to hurt again?

I don’t know, is my only answer.

Maybe, it’s about finding myself over.

Maybe, this is about giving myself a second chance and a new lease.

Maybe it’s the start of a new page in my book.

Yet the courage to stay on, or even try to; seems far away, fading away into oblivion.

The courage to hope for a fresh beginning; I need to somehow get it back.

I know, a nudge from the roots, the better memories and the close network will eventually bring me back to life.

Yet, I need a little time.

Maybe, what I need is a gentle push, for things to get back to normalcy.

They always say, “Once bitten, twice shy.”

Yet staying in the shell won’t help.

Someday I know I have to get out and try to hope again.

I guess it’s time to stop the repairs and start over.

All  I pray is that in its due course, time would help.





It’s the little things too….

Earlier this week, the ER was loaded with patients following a freak road accident. Who had caused it? It was a stray dog which had crossed the road, resulting in the swerving of a motorbike, which in turn led to the collision of two cars coming at across each other, which in turn led to the four wheel-drive coming from behind ….( minus the details) and the accident happened.

Thankfully no life was lost, but the injuries were plenty. Among the accident victims, there was a middle-aged gentleman, in his early fifties,  who had temporarily lost the use of both his legs (fracture in the right and major soft tissue injury in the left). In the course of conversation with him, “I’m not ready to go. I haven’t spent enough time with my family or even my close friends. It was all about making money and saving it for later. But I have still haven’t lived life. I don’t want to go…”

This is a common echo among most of us, I guess. Most of us, even me, are caught in the chaos of living the modern life, going about the practice, our individual business and projects, that many a time, we forego our private lives in due course of time.

Saving up life for later, …it’s understandable, but when does “later” come?

When does “that day” finally dawn?

When does the time that you really want to spend and savor on the most important things of life come?

While on the road, most of us don’t usually get a pre-warning sign saying that, hey it’s going to be time-up soon. It just happens so and then it’s too late.

Taking a break often, may not be feasible. But instead, each day, an hour can be spent only on family, or friends. Some time each day, to re-connect the ties, to get back on track. No, I don’t mean only logging onto Facebook or posting tweets. That is important, yet is it so difficult to call up or voice-chat and hear some one’s voice? If time zones vary, an email will also do.

Life is not only about big vacation plans or holidays to some exotic place. It’s about the little things. The time spent with the kids on the beach or the park, time spent on the family baking a cake, time spent on a long drive to the picnic spots, time spent at the family farm with grand-parents.

As Ashley Smith said, “Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble-bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.

Reaching the dreams and the stars is a must, but on the way-up taking the time to appreciate the little things and make little memories on the way.

No one really knows when time will run out….

Of things not to be done….

Have you ever got stuck in quicksand ? It’s one of the worst things to happen while on a walk. Most of the time, on a look from far, it looks like a real muddy piece of land. But one step in, and before you realize it, you are sucked into it.

Like quicksand, sometimes it feels like being thrown into a whirlpool during the dark times. All of us have dark memories, that we try hard to bury it and not to bring it into focus. Nevertheless, once in a while it may creep behind our backs and add a hand to the bad day.

Ina way, it all depends on the mind. Tuning it to the good times and then building it on from there. Maybe, a constant reminder could be a list of ” things not to be done…”, which could be the life-saver especially when the shadows get dark…

My morning look-out…

What’s the first impulse that comes to you in the morning when the alarm sounds?

Of course, the first one would be to hit the snooze button, but post-that; there is a series of activities that happens every morning.

For some to kick-start the day would be yoga, or Pilates, or the morning news buzzing in. For others it would be the newspaper, or listening to music.

For me, one of my kick-starts is the routine of gazing out of my balcony with my morning tea in hand. Watching the streets in the morning, the brisk walkers, the joggers in bright colors, the newspaper guys zooming across, the opening of the shutters of the houses and apartments across the street, the night shift people getting back and the early morning shift workers out to the grind; it all reflects the day slowly opening up.

One of the graces granted to me while coming over to the Eastern half of the World, was the view out of balcony, both my quarters in the hospital and at home. The view from latter overlooks the park, with the streets and lots of open space. The latter often is the home to the morning walkers or the evening joggers, the soccer practices, the impromptu cricket matches, the joyful laughter of children running around.

Some days, when the “snooze button” over powers my will to wake up, the morning starts with record speed and I have to forego the morning ritual. Then evening is the time for gazing out.


Few of the interesting things that I have often seen on my evening view out from my hospital quarters in the rural, include strangers
lending a helping hand to new people to town who don’t get their geo-orientation right the first time round, little children running to help their mama’s with the grocery, stranded people tinkering behind the car hoods hoping that the engine would magically sputter to life, random shots of a photographer at work, the duck followed by the little ones in trying to cross the road, before dusk hits out.

At present, it is like a “must event” for me to just spend some time on the balcony looking out. At times, it may be quiet outside too,just the chirping of birds or the silent pitter-patter of the rain; but then is the time to simply stare into the distance and let my random thoughts get moving around.

What makes the very act of looking out from my balcony worth it; is to see life and activity bustling around in full swing. Some days when boredom and loneliness (a part and parcel of the long-distance communications’) strike with full force, then gazing out is almost like a healing act. I feel it’s a gentle reminder of time that life must go on. That life has always got its vigor and charm. It’s okay to feel displaced at times, but we have to recharge and get back into action, ’cause there is a lot left un-done. But then again, that’s my view.

I wonder what your morning kick-start to the day is like.

Echoes of the Apple’s co-founder

Each one has been given a chance in life.

It’s up to us to make a decision to grab it.

To grab the chance and make it happen.

To think different.

To explore.

The will and courage to make a change.

To dream big and to make the dream true.

And most important of all is to not lose hope, even when pitfalls come on the way.

And that is what life says through its legendary people.

Here are some of my favorite lines of the legendary Steve Jobs, his views on life and his experiences as he travelled the road…

“Almost everything–all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure–these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” – Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Address

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Think Different, narrated by Steve Jobs

It’s all about finding your dream and making it come true.

Making a difference will come along.

Live your dream.