It’s the little things too….

Earlier this week, the ER was loaded with patients following a freak road accident. Who had caused it? It was a stray dog which had crossed the road, resulting in the swerving of a motorbike, which in turn led to the collision of two cars coming at across each other, which in turn led to the four wheel-drive coming from behind ….( minus the details) and the accident happened.

Thankfully no life was lost, but the injuries were plenty. Among the accident victims, there was a middle-aged gentleman, in his early fifties,  who had temporarily lost the use of both his legs (fracture in the right and major soft tissue injury in the left). In the course of conversation with him, “I’m not ready to go. I haven’t spent enough time with my family or even my close friends. It was all about making money and saving it for later. But I have still haven’t lived life. I don’t want to go…”

This is a common echo among most of us, I guess. Most of us, even me, are caught in the chaos of living the modern life, going about the practice, our individual business and projects, that many a time, we forego our private lives in due course of time.

Saving up life for later, …it’s understandable, but when does “later” come?

When does “that day” finally dawn?

When does the time that you really want to spend and savor on the most important things of life come?

While on the road, most of us don’t usually get a pre-warning sign saying that, hey it’s going to be time-up soon. It just happens so and then it’s too late.

Taking a break often, may not be feasible. But instead, each day, an hour can be spent only on family, or friends. Some time each day, to re-connect the ties, to get back on track. No, I don’t mean only logging onto Facebook or posting tweets. That is important, yet is it so difficult to call up or voice-chat and hear some one’s voice? If time zones vary, an email will also do.

Life is not only about big vacation plans or holidays to some exotic place. It’s about the little things. The time spent with the kids on the beach or the park, time spent on the family baking a cake, time spent on a long drive to the picnic spots, time spent at the family farm with grand-parents.

As Ashley Smith said, “Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble-bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.

Reaching the dreams and the stars is a must, but on the way-up taking the time to appreciate the little things and make little memories on the way.

No one really knows when time will run out….


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