Of weddings, photo lockets and connections.

Well, here I am; back from last week’s sudden weekend trip back home. It was a totally unplanned and refreshing trip. The sudden trip was due to my cousin’s wedding and no way in the world, would I miss it !!

And it was a weekend of photographs, videos and the garden gatherings…not to forget, the Halloween plans, the autumn harvest and the rolling in the hay. The three-day stay this time was more or less of travel, though I did get to spend time with my grandparents. Which is when, we, i.e. gran and my cousins were bitten by the “photo lockets bug”.

Frankly, I have seen a number of those small family tree stands with the photos of the members hanging from the gold-plated branches. But, not a photo locket. Some how I have always associated them with the Victorian Era or maybe of the days of the 60’s when it was a necessity. There’s a little poetic streak in the quaint little thing. So why not get my own ? I wonder what Gran must be planning on it.

And so post-weekend trip, it was back to work for a week and here I am, blogging; off-call for the weekend and so back at my quarters. Well, what I really feel like is just dozing off. But one thing I have realized from my flash trip is that, no matter how busy I am, taking a second to re-connect with the family is really important. With social networking on full swing mode, staying in touch with my cousins is easy; but I really can’t expect my gran or great aunts and uncles to log on to FB or Twitter. Getting them to view emails and video chat is a miracle indeed. So, it’s back to the old network of land-lines.

Though on a more serious note, it’s important to stay connected. No, it doesn’t only mean always logging on and giving a “poke” or tweeting. It involves hearing someone’s voice and thoughts, once in a while. It involves about asking how their day was. And in a way, actually hearing from them ( not scraps always, but a proper conversation, even if it’s through a series of messages) makes my day better. It’s about keeping the connections secure and strong, and not only about swinging by, once a while. My schedule itself is so tight that most of the time, I am on the run. Yet, a few calls a week won’t be that difficult. Would it ?


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