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On the little things of my day.

“Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles…!! I simply couldn’t take my eyes off them. Pretty and enclosing in them a riot of colours, it was a sight for the busy city to see.”

Ah yes, I guess that will pretty much sum up my frisky evening. Unwinding the events that lead on…

One of the perks of being on 48 hours continuous call duty, ( Oh yes, I am pretty much zonked out at the end of it !!) is that, it’s followed by a blissful 48 hours  off-call; which means 2 days of no hospitals, no ward work and no out-patient hours. I am officially out of the hospital zone !! Well, maybe I could christen today as, “Baby’s day out”. Nah, I am out of the baby-walker !!

It was the one day minus the planner, the daily read, the notes…frankly, I could say that I was literally jobless. So tuning back to the events of the morning, it was a sleep in-day, followed by spring cleaning. I guess, that is the stat thing on the to-do list of every working woman, even the work-from-home ladies. And yes, I had to catch up on my missed soaps ( recorded versions of course !!) and the mail to sit and read, not just zoom by. Then finally I had time to sit on. It’s quite a rarity for that to happen. Afternoon was again “my me” time, idling away lost in the music and the soaps, and then the daily wandering hour happened a.k.a my walking hour.

Let me take you down to the beach. Since it’s pretty much a 30 minute drive to get here, it’s a sin not to stop by along my walk.  It was a perfect day to idle around there and see the waves wash up. On a philosophical bend, the waves pretty much have the element of surprise and fear springing in them. Their course is un-chartered and they simply tune their forms to the elements present at the moment. And that’s what makes them worth the while to just laze around and watch them in action.

Then, further along I took the route to the heart of the town, to where ” the happening ” was on. The Cultural fest was on. So far I had gone for only one event in this month-long fest ( Yeah, I know I missed the rest of them !!), namely the Contemporary Music Show . One of the best things about the Fest is the innumerable stalls that are lined on the grounds. They open up at noon and oh my, forget about going back home for lunch. Coming back to the cultural view, I got pretty much lost in deciding what event to book for next. The Fest runs till the end of first week of December. I settled for Avial’s Show. Let’s hear the music at this end.

On figuring out the program schedule , is when I bumped into a colleague of mine. (It’s a small world after all!!) And with her kids and all, we hit the stall for bubbles. Ah yes, that’s where I get to the bubbles. The last time I blew soap bubbles was when I was in middle grade school. It was fun and awesome to see them go up and up in the air and then go ping !! It was a heated race for the coveted, who blew the biggest bubble ? and whose bubble traveled the most (before it got pinged) !!

And so, I went back to that day today. Blowing bubbles was like letting go. Letting go of the colours into the air. Isn’t it interesting that mere soapy water and air can give rise to something so beautiful and pretty ?!!

Maybe John Webster knew what it was like, for “In all our quest for greatness, whose pastime is their care, we follow after bubbles, blown in the air.” Sometimes, greatness really lies in what we give importance to ? In what we define or mean by “great”. And every great person needs a day of childishness and fun time to get back to the daily grind.

So with M’ and her entire troop of a little nine-year old imp and a three-year old with an elfin grin, my evening is going to turn out to be a really frisky one indeed. With the adventure park and the lake in sight, off we all went. I guess, it’s time to explore the local town and it’s flavor.

So, when will you blow the bubbles? When was the last time you put the planner down and just let the day take care of itself? Tell me about your fun day…




Post Thanksgiving: Day 04

It’s been four days since the dinner. Well, it wasn’t like at home. A bit different, yet the spirit of the thanksgiving dinner still stayed the same. For one, I was on 24 call that day and second, in India, at least where I stay; turkey is not a common preparation. So swapped the turkey with the chicken and switched the pie with the cake. And minus family, but plus friends; it was a different dinner from the usual.

With yesterday, my call got over and yes, I can finally put my feet up. Thankfully, even though my quarters are a mess, I can still manage to pick myself around. Add it,( clean up !!) to my list of “Things-to-do-later”. So finally, my grey cells get a chance to foray into the world of procrastination and as what “we, thinkers” like to call it as the “thinking mind”.

Thanksgiving , black Friday shopping( missed on that one) then soon followed by the start of Advent; it is indeed the starting of festive season.

Coming back to thanksgiving, if there is one thing I learnt about Grace, is that it comes in many forms. From people who you least expect to help you out, turn out to be your big supporters. Among the critics at work who love to point out the errors, there are a few who actually say it out of genuine concern. And they were your help at crisis point.

Though when was the last time you met them post-project or post help? When was the last time you re-connected to your ex-colleague who moved to another town? When was the last time you called up your distant relatives? When was the last time you send a little thank-you note to your neighbor who takes care of your lawn when you are out-of-town? And when was the last time you met your old chums who got scattered thanks to work and life ?

Well, post thanksgiving, day 03 was when I sprung into action and dusted the cobwebs clustering around the gratitude’s. Gratitude may sound over-rated, yet it feels good, both to say it and to hear it. As said,

“For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson”

So here it is, specially for love and for friends, the chums of old times (miss you all) and the new friends, the fellow bloggers and readers, especially the ones who have to hear out my every thought and tantrum !!!

And to thank Him, for all the good things, the not-so-happy things and the “oh-why-me things”. After all, you can’t have cake all the time, but when you get, I think it’s best to say grace and gobble it up !!!

Have you ever seen a leaf fall ?

Have you ever wondered what made the car stall while going across the streets of the neighborhood (which was a shortcut route), blocking the morning nine ‘o’ clock rush hour traffic? Was it because of faulty brakes or that the driver saw a child running to retrieve the ball which was in front of the car? Instead we impatiently honk our way right through the mess and in the process, disturbing the morning peace of the neighborhood. Typical I guess, not to mention the scene at traffic jams…

When was the last time you actually asked someone why they yelled at you, when it clearly wasn’t your fault? Instead we crib, we cuss and we keep on re-playing that scene in mind when ever we see that person again. Human nature, I guess…

Did you ever ask your friend why they were late for your major speech or documentary screening event? Was it because of getting stuck in traffic? Common expectation, I must say. No, it was because the teller at the branch in which your financier friend was in charge of, had managed to slip through a counterfeit check and would have been overlooked had things been left for later.

That’s right. Most of the time, we never ask. At least, I don’t. May be it’s to avoid confrontations. Yet, when the itch get’s too rough, then it’s time to take some sort of action; which I feel is the only way to relieve the stress of uncertainty and stop the constant buzz in the mind.

Though, one thing I have seen over the past few days is that, most misunderstandings come out of uncertainty and pure speculation. On getting to the heart of the matter, it was just a trivial matter after all. Instead we put the blame on an “n” number of people or just one person, and get shipwrecked in the process.

Here are a few thoughts that have been circulating in my mobile inbox for the past one week…

Who should be blamed when a leaf falls from the tree……?

Is it the wind that blew it away…?

Or the tree that let it go.….

Or is it the leaf who grew tired of holding on….

Life unfolds a lot of understandings and misunderstandings every day. It’s up to us to solve it, or live with it.

Isn’t it so?! What do you think?

H’llo there !!!

Kemcho. Dev baro dis dev. Namaskar. Shwmae. Grüezi . Hola. Salve.

These were few of the words that would grace my morning rounds tomorrow. Aha, its November 21st tomorrow and that explains it !! It’s the 39th World Hello Day.

Interestingly, the idea of holding such a day, as the Hello World Day was created to promote the idea of peace by showing other people kindness. In a way, it brings a pleasant emotion when you hear someone addressing you a greeting, which is not in their spoken language or in your  native tongue.

In a way it pricks your curiosity factor to know about the “other hello” , bringing you to “a bit of the other culture”. More importantly, the fact that you start the day with a jovial greeting instead of a somber good morning, makes any dull day worth it.

So as a part of the hospital project, mainly among our staff and in-patients, we have to learn to say hello in “the other lingo” and I am really looking forward to it. It could turn out to be a really interesting day.

So how many new languages have do you know or have learnt to say hello in? Do share it across. How will your World Hello Day be celebrated ? How do you say “hello” in your native language ?

For it is never free, but comes with a price….

So it is November 11. Another day to mark the Veterans’ Day or as in the Commonwealth, they say it is as Remembrance Day a.k.a. Poppy Day or Armistice Day. So this day, 93 years ago, with the signing of the treaty, the hostilities formally ended “at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Still, years later, the stories told through the generations of the families is what keeps the memories alive.

For me, it’s not just the soldiers, but all military personnel who laid their lives in the line of duty. Ironical isn’t it, when they say freedom is free; because in reality it comes with a price.

Lest We Forget

What do we forget when we remember
What are the stories left untold
What do we think each November
As we march down that glory road
As we march down that gory road

One hundred million
Don’t come home from war
Another eight hundred million
Who lived to bear its scar
Who lived to bear its scar

Lest we forget
What they were dying for
Lest we forget
What they were killing for
Lest we forget
What the hell it was for

What do we forget when we remember…– Owen Griffiths

But fame is theirs – and future days
On pillar’d brass shall tell their praise;
Shall tell – when cold neglect is dead –
“These for their country fought and bled.”
~Philip Freneau

So let this be in their memory…

As I head to the country, there would be a number of thoughts to ponder over, specially on the subject of freedom. Freedom, the extent doesn’t necessarily solely focus on war, but on our basic civil rights as well. It’s a heavy price to pay for, so there must be a way in which we can give it back to the world. Well, there go my gray cells on the run !!

Meanwhile, have a great weekend, my fellow bloggers and readers !!





11.11.11: Much ado about nothing.Is it ?!!

And it will happen only after 100 years on, for that is the magic of 11.11.11. The hype about this day and time has been going on in the dailies for the past one week.

Here, as the numerologist puts it, it’s supposed to be a very auspicious day, to purchase something new, or to start a new project and with the number 11 signifying the adamant nature to pursue and achieve a goal. Hmmm. Well, to be very honest, I am not a keen follower of numerology, though, 11.11.11, be it 11am/pm – the palindrome of time, (look at your twelve-hour digital clock, if you can get your hands on one) makes a pretty interesting read.

So 11.11.11 whether it’s am/pm has been the time allotted for a number of big weddings, swearing-in ceremonies, new project openings, inauguration of various centers and major branches of big retailers and yes, the right time to give the down payment for the new car, and signing up for the home loans and so on. Though when one gynecologist had mentioned that her patient and their relatives had requested for the elective Caesarian to be allotted at 11.11.11 am/pm (either one); eyebrows did shoot up.

Though later through the day, it was not just the gynaecology wing that had stories to share across the halls. Coming over to the surgeon’s ward, our general surgeon on call had to do an elective appendectomy posted for tomorrow, on an emergency basis (read as very V.I.P. patient and auspicious date of 11.11.11am/pm) and when our hassled ophthalmologist had to do three cataract surgeries (read V.I.P. patients and 11.11.11am, again) when they were scheduled for later in the noon slot.

Oh yes, not to leave out the orthopedic’s plight in having to re-schedule his morning 9am elective surgery to’ as his patient puts it as, “a more appropriate time of 11.11.11 am/pm”.

That was just the bits and pieces of the epic theatre drama that took place today. It was practically useless pointing out to the patients that we had only to elective theatres and one emergency theatre available. To which the stat reply came as, “That’s not a problem Doc. It’s the 11.11.11 today and whether it’s in the morning or evening, it’s alright with me Doc?”

Seriously, I really feel that all the hue and cry about today is totally hyped up!! I mean some call it a lucky auspicious day. Others take it as a warning. And me, I haven’t figured it out yet. Still, I am not calling it ridiculous, though my hypoglossal nerve is itching to get it out. Consider some of the classic statements I got to hear today.

It will happen only after another 100 years.

Hmm, so will global warming will get worse in another 100 years!!

It’s the event of a lifetime.

There are many more such events to come.

You can tell about this epic “lucky” day to the future generations.

Two things, first define “lucky”!! And secondly, future generations already?!! Hey, I still need to figure out the present.

Alright, I concede. Today is definitely an important day, though strictly speaking sense and sensibility shouldn’t desert us in spite of the occasion. The latter includes, re-scheduling the meetings and operation timings among all other things.

Considering the auspicious date of today, my day turned out to be pretty much the usual. There was nothing extra-ordinary to quote, except for the fact that 11am was spent in the out-patient wing, wherein which I was desperately trying to catch forty winks, but (alas!) it evaded me yet again. So here am, twiddling my thumbs and wondering what lady luck (let’s say I occasionally can define and believe in it, especially when the need arises) holds in store for me today; after all there is the pm still left.

So how did your 11.11.11 go, even the 11am/pm slot? Anything out of the ordinary or was it just another day?

Here’s a catch. Are my eyes really drooping or does this post go for the 11 times,  “the 11.11.11″ as a part of the hype. Maybe you could figure it out if you start from the beginning to the end; it includes the post line (What’s a post without the head?!!). Stay glued to the screen and happy reading !!


Definitely, not on top-gear right now !!!

“No, no, not to the right, keep left. Keep left!!”

Damn it!! I always followed the right, practically grew up on the right.

“That doesn’t work here, madam. Keep left!!”

(Eeeps, one swerve and the horn blasts through!!) Arrgh!!

These have been my morning perils for the past one week. Yes, back to “the basics on the road” classes. What you just read, has been my daily drone for the past three days with me behind the wheel and the tutor of the driving school practically hollering on.

I don’t where the sudden inspiration for learning the driving rules in India came from (blame it on, first the tedious commute on the crowded bus and secondly, on the Volkswagen Jetta or is it Vento casting its spell on me!!  And the daily morning rush to get to the bus), but hey, here I am!!

For me, getting the road basics is a little difficult. Practically through my childhood, (I was in the mid-East), all the long trips used to be with my dad taking the right, smooth drives and oh, the roads were too good. So that’s where I first got the basics of the road. Then college didn’t demand me to own my own wheels, coz that’s when my friends would come to the rescue!!

Fast forward to the present, I am on my own route and getting my own wheels would be awesome. Though driving here is not the same as what I was taught. There are many variations to be kept in mind. Primarily for me, the major problem is keeping to the left, which I still have to get a hang of and the car is a manual one (Urgh!!). Then driving here is; minus the road signs (except in the metros) especially in the rural, fewer traffic lights, major depths on the road (read potholes!!) and loads of four-legged species on the road. The latter are quite famous for stalling the traffic.

Nevertheless, owning my own set of wheels is definitely an accomplishment, worth the entire morning tirade. So here I go!!