Let’s talk about online dating !! Top reasons you should date a…

Well this post is about dating, both online and offline. Though the hype about the former is sometimes far-fetched, it’s been on and off depending on the direction the wind blows by.

Personally, I would risk any dating, on- or off-line; only if I know that I am really on sure ground.

Funny,when you come to think of it, It’s kind of impossible. You actually don’t anything about the person on the other end until you meet them face to face.

Photos, can be morphed. Profiles can be created. And scams and hacks, not to forget the dreaded “v'” for viruses can crop up faster than you can say, “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” ( remember, Mary Poppins, and no it doesn’t take an hour to spell it !!)

Still leaving aside all that, sometimes it may click. And no one knows till they try. As the great thinkers, philosophers, poets, writers, the common man say… ultimately in the end, it’s love which binds us all. It’s the one thing that any person would move mountains for. (In doubt, ask Shakespeare or maybe, Wordsmith!!)

What prompted me to talk about this was this Internet find (actually, it was via FB) !! It’s not only about online dating, but dating in general. I know every profession has its own glory, but hey some one has to talk about mine !! Maybe it could inspire you to start the poster, for top ten reasons’ to date….you !!

And so here it goes…

Interestingly, may be that’s why juggling professional and personal life from my professional point of view is, kind of difficult. Though some of the reasons, are over-rated !!! So feel free to disagree.

So, what are the top reason’s to date someone from your field ?! Let’s hear them…


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