Definitely, not on top-gear right now !!!

“No, no, not to the right, keep left. Keep left!!”

Damn it!! I always followed the right, practically grew up on the right.

“That doesn’t work here, madam. Keep left!!”

(Eeeps, one swerve and the horn blasts through!!) Arrgh!!

These have been my morning perils for the past one week. Yes, back to “the basics on the road” classes. What you just read, has been my daily drone for the past three days with me behind the wheel and the tutor of the driving school practically hollering on.

I don’t where the sudden inspiration for learning the driving rules in India came from (blame it on, first the tedious commute on the crowded bus and secondly, on the Volkswagen Jetta or is it Vento casting its spell on me!!  And the daily morning rush to get to the bus), but hey, here I am!!

For me, getting the road basics is a little difficult. Practically through my childhood, (I was in the mid-East), all the long trips used to be with my dad taking the right, smooth drives and oh, the roads were too good. So that’s where I first got the basics of the road. Then college didn’t demand me to own my own wheels, coz that’s when my friends would come to the rescue!!

Fast forward to the present, I am on my own route and getting my own wheels would be awesome. Though driving here is not the same as what I was taught. There are many variations to be kept in mind. Primarily for me, the major problem is keeping to the left, which I still have to get a hang of and the car is a manual one (Urgh!!). Then driving here is; minus the road signs (except in the metros) especially in the rural, fewer traffic lights, major depths on the road (read potholes!!) and loads of four-legged species on the road. The latter are quite famous for stalling the traffic.

Nevertheless, owning my own set of wheels is definitely an accomplishment, worth the entire morning tirade. So here I go!!


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2 responses to “Definitely, not on top-gear right now !!!

  • Ivy Blaise

    LOL! Welcome to the world of fun! I learned to drive on the right… but have to say I am now very used to driving on the left-hand side. You get used to is quickly even though it feels really weird in the beginning.

    Manual shift is the best! Automatic is just …sooo boring. If you like potholes, just pop over to Ireland… we do not have roads… just potholes connected with tarmac.

    I’m sure you will get the hang of it quickly and then you will be zooming around the country 🙂

    • ....the little thread of thoughts

      I just hope I get the hang of it quickly, (especially working with the manual shift is pretty weird!!) before I crash myself into something. 😉
      Maybe there ought to be universal driving laws or something about universal lane !!

      Anyways, all this trouble is worth the ride. Nothing can beat the fun out of a drive !!

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